Monday, December 27, 2010

New Stories :P

Well I have come up with a new story idea and I would like to share it with you.
This is just a quick write up of the story.
Again, I try very hard to not write stories that are about my life, so this has nothing to do with my feelings or any of the events in my life:

Sonia Rucker is a girl whose goal is to kiss a boy by the time she graduates from the 9th grade. This isnt an easy task as she is the girl on the sidelines who, as she thinks, nobody likes. She comes to find that has many admirers. Two boys stand out the most to her, Steph Deacan, the totally hot football player, and her best guy friend Joseph Candel, the not so hot Trumpet player. How she manages to get her clumbsy self in a relationship with Steph we will never know. But does he just like her becuase of superficial things, like the typical football player? Sonia finds herself in the difficult situation of choosing between her best friend and the most popular guy in school. Who would you pick?
Find out who Sonia picks in my newest novel (that I actually plan on finishing) called Day Dreaming.

I will be working on this from time to time, so who knows when it will be finished. I may or may not post it chapter by chapter. Just keep your eyes out for a post called Day Dreaming or Day Dreaming Ch. 1.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Unlike the 21st century's typical teen, I am not addicted to weed or any type of drugs. I dont smoke, I dont drink.
Im a new addict to Farmville.....
I used to have a farm so that my mom could use it to help her farm. I had tried it a couple times, but it never really stuck. This time I had the urge to get my farm back (after blocking it because I was sick of the updates). This time it stuck big time. I am currently writing this with anoher page reserved for facebook, so that I can switch back quickly to recieve gifts...
Hold on I need a nail....


I am building an orchard, so I needed the nail :)
Oh man see I am addicted!!

Oh and by the way:
I had a wonderful Christmas.
The night before I figured I would end up waking up at some ungodly hour, but I had to be woken up at 8 o' clock! We didnt have time to open out 'home' presents, so we went straight to Grandma and Grandpa's house. We met with the whole family and open the presents from each other. We had a huge christmas dinner and I ate way too much!! Im going to need to go on a diet :P
My cousin had to leave for work, so the rest of us hung out for a little while and then left.
Then I got to open the presents from my parents and other grandparents. I think I lucked out this year:)

I would love to here your Christmas Stories!! Post a comment below :)  

Repeat......Its different I swear :)

To be honest I was never much of a sucker for popular people.
Yes I am doing another blog on popularity. But Its different. I swear.
You have 3 types of people in this world.
The popular people:

The wannabies:

(joke :P)
And the people who could just care less:

Now I would call myself one of the people who doesnt care, but I wouldnt call myself a particular loser... depending on what your definition of loser is.
If you say:
A person with good grades is a loser?
Me=Yes, I have good grades.
A person who doesnt have any friends?
Me=No, I have a good handful of friends.
(some of the descriptions were given by the good people of the internet)
Someone who is socially, morally AND financially bankrupt?
Me=Not really, I have friends, I have morals, and I have enough money to live.
A person with no confidence?
Me=No, I have confidence.

So the consensus is (in my mind) That I am not a loser, in the bad sence of the word, yet I just dont care if I am popular.
At my school it is a little hard to tell exactly who the popular people are. Their are 3 main groups:
A's "group": It has alot of people in this group and it may be considered "the popular group".
Our "group": The smaller group consists of my friends and isnt the really popular group, but almost.
The "loners": The kids who dont have friends and keep to themselves. I personally think they should all meet and create thier own group :)
Any who that is my status on the popular scale
10= Most popular
5= Wannabie
1= Loner/Dont care

I am a 3:)
Talk to you guys later (See I spelled it out :))

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Im not going to discuss politices with you. But I have been paying a of attention to this issue because of a class that I am in. And now this came up on the Ny times and I am....Im not saying political views but this intrigues me. 
Link to the original :)

Bid to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask’ Law Draws Support in Senate
 WASHINGTON — Embattled and left for near dead last week, the effort to allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the military gained significant momentum on Thursday with three more Republican Senators agreeing to vote to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.
The latest on President Obama, the new Congress and other news from Washington and around the nation. Join the discussion.
On Thursday evening, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said that the Senate would begin voting on the repeal on Saturday.
The repeal measure, approved Wednesday by the House, was originally tucked into a broader military policy bill, which failed when Senate Democrats found themselves unable to break a Republican filibuster last week. Returning quickly with a stand-alone bill seeking repeal, its supporters framed the new measure as a narrow civil rights matter and essentially challenged opponents to impede a vote.
By Thursday, Senator Susan Collins, the bill’s one Republican sponsor, had been joined by three other Republican senators — Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine — in supporting the measure.
“Senator Brown accepts the Pentagon’s recommendation to repeal the policy after proper preparations have been completed,” said Gail Gitcho, a spokeswoman for Mr. Brown. “If and when a clean repeal bill comes up for a vote, he will support it.”
Along with the backing of 54 Democrats and two independents, the Republican support is enough to push the measure to the necessary 60-vote threshold. Another Democrat who backs repeal, Ron Wyden of Oregon, announced Thursday that he would undergo surgery for prostate cancer on Monday and be absent for votes starting Friday. Only one Democrat, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, has declined to support the measure.
The bill’s greatest obstacle is no longer votes, but the clock. The Senate is still working on other measures, including the New Start nuclear nonproliferation treaty before adjourning for Christmas, and Republicans have taken many steps to drag out action on those bills.
“All that will stop that repeal is a totally unacceptable refusal to bring our measure up in a timely way,” said Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, who pursued the stand-alone legislation with Ms. Collins.
Mr. Reid has threatened to reconvene after the holiday to finish remaining business before the new Congress is sworn in on Jan. 5. At that time Republicans will have more power in the Senate and will hold the majority in the House.
Two other Democratic priorities — a bill that would provide medical benefits for workers and others exposed to toxic materials at ground zero and an immigration bill that would have an impact on some children — seem doomed. The fact that they have fallen by the wayside could open up time to debate “don’t ask, don’t tell.”
But hurdles remain for the bill. Although Mr. Reid will try to avoid it, Republicans could call for amendments, which would delay a vote. Further, White House officials and Mr. Lieberman have suggested that some Republicans are threatening to block the New Start treaty if the military repeal goes forward. Such a maneuver “takes us way back to an earlier day when people used to do things like that to stop civil rights laws from passing,” Mr. Lieberman said.
The journey of the repeal measure was winding and unexpected. Supporters initially thought they could improve its chances by placing it into a large policy bill that provided raises for service members, among other things, that senators would never reject. That proved a poor calculation.
Turning the measure into a stand-alone bill put a spotlight on senators who had rejected the earlier measure because of procedural objections, creating a potential embarrassment for “no” voters.
“What was once considered vulnerability is now a huge driving force that created the momentum that we now have,” said Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NY Times.....

Recently I have been really into reading the NY Times. In fact, on my laptop the first favorite listed on the bar is "The New York Times" website.
Recently in Health news:
Phys Ed: Do Energy Drinks Improve Athletic Performance?
They talk about the recall on all Four Loco drinks (the new 'ish' alcohol and caffeine laced energy drink). They were recalled because they have been ruled 'unsafe' by the Food and Drug Administration. This brought up the question of what energy drink are safe? What energy drinks should remain on the shelves?

Then they talk about the fact that Energy drinks are NOT sports drinks and how they are loaded with sugar. I personally do not enjoys energy drinks, but I have many friends who do and now I know why they become extremely hyper after have a sip! :]
So the doctor whom they interviewed said that he wouldnt recommend Energy Drinks as a replacement for Sports drinks. 
If you are as interested as is was you can visit this link to read the entire article:]

More Health news:
Popcorn's Dark Secret
Popcorn has been found to contain very large amounts of calories, salt, and fat.
A large tub of popcorn at Regal Cinemas, for example, holds 20 cups of popcorn and has 1,200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium and 60 grams of saturated fat. Adding just a tablespoon of butter adds 130 calories. And do not forget that it comes with free refills.(Straight from the artical)
Lots of people say that popcorn is healthy but the way that our movie theaters make is (with added butter and salt) makes it worse.
To see the full article and the results of the test on two other popular theaters see:

Hope you found that just as interesting as I did!
Time to publish :]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you for being amazing, mum!! :]

As a quick explanation of my title: there is a commercial on the radio that says 'Thank you for being the most amazing' and after it said that I said Mum. She said that I never say that and that I wouldnt. So now here is me saying my mum is the most amazing. With an exclamation point. Actually 2 explanation points. :]

Now to correct a few things in my last post: I said that we got up on Wednesday and went to my grandparents house for Thanksgiving when actually Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday. So we actually went on Thursday.

Next, I never did a Thanksgiving blog that said what I was thankful for and I guess the guilt is getting to me. :/
Here is a list of 25 random things that I am thankful for:

1. That rush of excitement you get when you are next in line
2. Lunchtime
3. The last piece of pizza
4. Artist
5. Eminem!
6. Starbucks (or coffee)
7. Bed sheets
8. Dr. Pepper
9. AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)
10. Bath and Body works
11. Puppies
12. Spiderman
13. Lamp Shades
14. The smell of a healthy fire
16. Soccer fields
17. Maple syrup
18. Paper
19. The city
20. Laughter
21. Pants...
22. Salt
23. The color red
24. Table Clothes
25. Cell Phones

There is alot more practical things that I am thankful for like the usual family, friends, food, life, etc. but I wanted to make a list of random things. Because random is always more fun.
Now I dont feel so guilty:)
Time to publish,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Holidays are here!!

Its barely after Thanksgiving and the TV is already over-run with Christmas commercials! Not that I dont like Christmas, dont get me wrong, I love Christmas!! Who doesnt? But I think it is a little ridicules that even before Thanksgiving everyone is talking about Christmas. Anywho.
I love Thanksgiving break:
I have been a very busy girl. On Wednesday we woke up and traveled to my grandparents house. (And its not that it is too far only about a 30 minute drive, but it sounds more exciting when I say it like that.) My cousins where going elsewhere for the food, so it was just my parents and grandparents and me. After we ate, me and my mother went to ******* where my aunt lives (about 2 hours away). We scouted out our Black Friday route that night and went to bed early with bellies full of ice cream. That Friday morning we woke up at 2 AM so we could stand in line at Fry's electronics, while my mom went to Wal-Mart to wait. The stores only open at 5 so why would someone get there at 3!! Who knows? But thats what we did.
Then after a couple hours and success at the stores me and my mom went home. I cleaned my horse with the intention of going to a show Saturday morning, but that isnt exactly what happened. I woke up and said "Im too tired." and I went back to bed. Great.
Now I am sitting in my room typing away while watching Juno.
How fun.
Later we will take the dogs to the dog park and see the horse.

Couple days later.
Here in the dessert it seems like one day we have nice weather, and then BAM! the next day its winter!
The past couple of days have been freezing! Me and my friends have a hard time finding a table in the warm cafateria and are forced to eat outside. With the wind blowing at 100 MPH (not literally) it gets a little cold. Ok maybe not a little, ALOT!!! Even my house is cold. One of the air vents or something is broken. Or something like that. So we cant turn on the heater in my house yet. The coldest rooms in the house are the master bedroom, the computer room, and nicely enough MY ROOM!! So I sleep in the living room where it is warm :) and with like three blankets!
Anywho... I have a show this weekeng called Winter Point show. It is one of the big 4H horse shows of the year. What happens is you show in all your events (ie: Showmanship, Horsemanship, Reining, Equitation, etc.) and whatever place you take, you get a certain amount of points. Im not sure of the exact point values but it goes something like:
Something like that (those arent the exact values I just made those up).
At the end of the year, after the ***** County Fair, whoever has the most points gets a belt buckle (in the horse world they are worth alot not only in $$$ terms but in our heads). So this year I am hoping to do very well and get a belt buckle! It's always good to think positive! :) This weekend I definately wont get up and say "Im too tired." That will not be tolerated by anyone! :)
I will talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The longer I am in public school, the more I love it!! I cannot believe how much better it is than private. While you are in private school you think everything is fine and dandy until you go to public. Then your whole perspective changes and you relize how much of that part of you life you have wasted. For me that was 9 YEARS!!! Its crazy but life is good now and I can finally say that I am truly happy.
The only thing that would make it better is a boyfriend. OH Im just kidding (for you Dad) Guys cant make a girl happy XD.

A couple days later
Life has treated me pretty good for the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of shows coming up. It seems like this year I have benn going to alot more shows than ever!! I have another this weekend that I am going to start riding english in. If you dont know what that is it is wear you ride in a littler saddle.

This is english saddle :). And below is a western saddle (what I am used to).

So anyways it is alot of fun cuz I am starting to like denglish alot more than western. And my horse was an english horse before I started to use her, so she likes it alot better also. She responds alot better to it :)

I was making this post at my mums work and she says it is time to go :( I will ttyl my friends

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freshman Drama :/

I thought that Freshman year was going to be mainly drama free... I was wrong. Very wrong.
I knew that there would be the little stuff about she hates her and they had to work together on a science project and all that stuff, but I was hoping the huge stuff wouldn't come up. At least not so fast.

Me and my friends Kristi and Isabel made friends with this girl awhile back. Now we totally regret ever talking to her... she follows us around constantly and when she walks with us she has to be touching you no matter what. She tells the worst jokes....over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!!! In the really loud lunch room she talks really really soft and when we say "What? Can you speak up." she doesn't speak up at all! She didn't know what Jersey shore was or a seizure and stupid easy stuff like that. She is just plain obnoxious. So how would you get rid of your obnoxious friends??
We felt kind of bad because we don't think she has many other friends so we tried to get her some new friends and let her down easy. She didn't really get the picture so we took a different approach. Isabel had a nice little talk. "So, some people in the our little group here are getting a little annoying and it would be nice if they would just hang out with their other friends and not so much with us." Then the bell conveniently rang! Darn! Christi had her nest class with her. Again, dang! So when the girl talked to Christi in the class she said Her: "Isabel was talking about me wasn't she?"
Christi: "UMMMM....I'm not sure"
Her: "Well it wasn't you so it must have been me"
Then they talked about something not very important and THEN:
Her: "Ya know. No one thought I was annoying until Isabel came around.
OMYGOODNESS!!!!! Way to make me really mad!
Im just trying to cool off now so I needed to type it out.
Nest time will be a normal blog...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Who in the world would babysit instead of go to freshman homecoming?!
Your reading her blog.....
I would have gone if I had a boyfriend or something, but since I am currently single, I decided to stay home. Thursday night our neighbor asked me if I was doing anything, and if I could babysit his kids. I wasnt planning on going in the first place, so this gave me something to do (and I got paid!!!). So last night I stayed up with a couple kids until 10 o' clock. Fun night huh?
Anywho since the last time I talked to you guys I have gotten a new puppy!!!! He is sooooo adorable. We found him and of course mom couldnt leave the poor thing behind. We brought him home to dad......ya that could have gone better. But I think after a month the little guy has grown on him. We named him Gizmo after the original gremlin im Gremlins.
I just wanted to update you guys quickly about Homecoming and the pup.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Old friends.

I cant believe how much I have missed my friends. Its hard to go back and read all of there Facebook and Blog posts. I have yet to go back to visit because I am afraid that I would totally loose it there and make a fool of myself.
I miss EVERYONE!! Even my mortal enemies: the ones that made me miserable. I actually miss that. Which is rather dissapionting today.

Sydney, Delaney, Mia, Megan, Anisa, Grace, Serena, Tiff, Destiny, Carolina, Samantha, Becca, Mike, Morgan, Taylor, Caleb, and so many other people who I would love to see soon!

But I have made many new friends!:
Janeth, Britney, Alex, Perla, Yasmin, Devon, Dulce, Isabell, Cassandra, Gabby, Jeff (I actually forgot his real name?) Marshal, Eric, Luis, Nathan, Sebastion (sorta?), and a bunch more!

So I would like to say that life is pretty good in public school, but there are no fun retreats or trips that we go on :( That is one huge thing that I miss about ***** ***** ( I am not about to tell you my middle school:)). But that means there are things here that I like better:
1) Not so much work!
2) When we get work it's not even that hard!
3) Teachers and Admins arent breathing on your neck all the time

So I guess I have it pretty good around here these days.
I will update you later. I am planning on doing a little chapter by chapter story with you guys but I have to finish my story first.

(After I finish) Every post that I write will have a chapter of a story in it. You have to read every post in order to complete the story.
Be expecting this in a month or so. :) I cant wait!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short story.

It has been awhile since I have updated you guys and I am sorry about that but:
I have been working on a short story that Im not really interested in writing on anymore. I wanted to share it with you guys just so that you know I have been working on stuff. Its kindof long and it doesnt have an end, but if you want to use this as some ideas for one of your stories I would love to here what you come up with :)
Here it is:

Chapter 1:

I can feel the sea breeze on my neck as I lay on the soft sand of the beach. I hear his even breathing, and the soft crash of the waves. My eyes are closed as I am soaking in the suns rays. I have lived on the California beach my entire life, but I will never get sick of the beautiful blue ocean and the sea air. I hear him sit up and feel him put his hand on my arm. I open my eyes to his handsome face,
"Sara, it seems like we have been dating for awhile, but the only dates we go on are on the beach" O crap I think he's gunna break up with me. How? We have had this great month together and... "I was thinking I could take you out to a nice dinner tonight" "Oh! Well I wouldn’t want you to spend that much money on me, but if that makes you happy then it makes me happy, John!" A slight smile crossed his face at my stupid babble, "How about Tom's Garden at 6:30?" "Perfect!" He walked me across the sand to my small beach house. We parted with a short kiss. I went into the living space and sat on the couch with a question on my face. What am I going to wear? This would be a perfect time to call Jaimie! I dialed 873-9374 into my Iphone. She answered on the second ring with a beautiful Italian accent "Buon giourno Sara!!!! How have you been? We need to hang out. We could go surfing? Ya! How would tomorrow work?" "Jaimie, I dont understand how such an amazing Italian would come to America, but Im glad your here! I actually called to see if you would come over now so you could help me pick out clothes?" "Of course! Ill be there in 10 minutes!" "Alright seeya" "Ciao!" That was the best thing about having a great friend that lives down the road, they can come over whenever you need them. She burst into the room wearing a beautiful red dress, and a pair of black ballet flats. Jaimie didnt need heels to be tall, she was almost 6 feet tall, beautiful, and athletic. Why John would have picked me when he could have her, I dont know. "Well, you never told me why you need my opinion on clothes? I need to know where you are going!" I told her about the beach scene between me and John. "Oh goody! Its about time he takes you to dinner! Lets take a look in that closet of yours!" with a clap of her hands she headed to my bedroom. We walked into my large walk-in closet, but Jaimie said, "What time do you have to be there again?" "Um 6:30?" "Perfect! We are going to the mall!" We got into my cute red convertable and rode in silence to the mall. Both of us were pondering John's sudden dinner invitation. When we got to the mall it was all talk of clothes and accessories. We decided on a slim black dress with with a low V neck and 4 inch heels. Unlike Jaimie, I am short, at 5' 4" I am 6 inches shorter than her and 5 shorter than John. We paired the dress with a short silver necklace with a shiny black stone and the small diamond ring that I wear every day on my pinky finger. We popped back into the car when Jaimie asked, "What do you think about Ken?" Although I was driving, I magaged to look at her with a questioning look. "My brother? Well I love him of course! Why do you ask?" Most college students might not say that about their brother, but we grew up at an orphanage with no parents, until the orphanage went bankrupt. Our emancipation papers were signed and until we turned 18 we had a state employee check on us once a month. If something went wrong and we couldnt make it to the meeting, we needed to stand up for each other because we were fraternal twins, and its your duty as a twin. Therefore, I was very close to my twin, but why would Jaimie ask me that if she already knows the answer? "No. I know you love him, but what do you think about him and me?" She stared at me with expectant eyes, "What!?" What was I supposed to say! My best friend practically just told me that she was going out with my twin brother! "I mean, if you think you love him and he thinks he loves you and you wanna try it, well I cant stop you." I stammered. We drove into the driveway, and she spoke with her head down, "Alright, I guess I better go so you can get ready." "No, Jaimie, I didnt mean it like that. I was just so supprised that Ididnt know what to say. I thin its a great idea! You two have been pretty good friends for awhile so I think its great!" "Okey. I just. I have to go." At that she walked to her little convertable and drove off. I was still sitting in my car when I heard John's strong footsteps on the gravel. "Oh shoot! What time is it!" My watch said 6:20. "Im so sorry, I lost track of time! Give me a second to get ready, please." I struggled to find my house keys in my purse. I opened the door and ran to my room. "If now isnt a good time, we coukd just go later. Maybe next weekend?" John yelled after me. "No you know me! I just lost track of time. I want to go! Just give me 10 minutes." I jumped into the shower trying to quickly wash away the stink of the mall and foodcourt, while trying not to get my long dark hair wet. Succesful, I jumped out of the tub and slipped on the cute black dress. I tried it on at the store, but i hadnt looked at it before Jaimie told me it looked great. Like always, Jaimie was right. It made me look tall, and accentuated my hourglass figure. I felt confident as i strode down the hall after putting on the accesories. "Wow. You look great! When did you get that?" he asked while staring at me. "Just now. With Jaimie at Forever 21." I tried to plaster a Believable smile on my face, but the sadness in my vioce gave me away. John knew me to well. "Im sorry. Do you want to talk about it?" He huged me quickly and held me an arms distance away looking me in the eye, waiting for my answer. "No, lets just go to dinner an have fun together." This time the smile was, apparently, better because he opened the door for me. Or he just respected my privacy. Or both. I hope both.

Half way through dinner John asks, "Are you sure your okey? You have been moaping all evening, and I feel like Im not getting to enjoy the real Sara." "Im so sorry, John. Im just thinking about Jaimie." "She told me what happened. I saw her on the way to your place. She acted really sad." "I know. I didnt mean to make her mad at me. What was I supposed to say, 'O my brother? Ya, cool I mean your only my BFF and you've been going out with my twin behind my back." A tear rolled down my cheek and into his open palm. I didnt want him to know I was crying. "Im sorry. Our first dinner and Im acting like a total brat. Maybe we should try again later." I said to him between quiet sobs. "I had forgotten he was your twin. That makes it harder. Lets just go back to your place and you can use my shoulder as a snot rag." Even when I was bawling, John could get me to giggle. He stood up and offered to pull out my chair. He was always a complete gentleman. At home I told John that I just needed some sleep and I would be back on my feet. I looked at myself to see messed up hair and a rinkled dress in the bathroom mirror and resumed my sobbing. What am I going to do with my life! I thought My best friend is pissed at me and my boyfriend of only one month is probably going to break up with me because Im a cry baby, AND I look like crap. Cant I be normal for one day! If only Jaimie wasnt the one that was mad. It might have been to soon, but I reached into the small clutch that I brought with me, and dialed that familiar number into my Iphone only to here the cheerful ring of her voice, "Buon giourno, you have reached Jaimie please leave your name and number at the beep and Ill get back to you as soon as possible, Ciao!" BEEP "Hi Jaimie. I understand that my reaction to your relationship with Ken was a bit harsh, but it was simply out of suprise. I want you both to be happy and I love that you have finally found each other. I still would like to go surfing. Maybe we could talk then. How about 8 am..." The finally beep cut me off saying that I had no more time. I clicked end and pondered alloud, "Maybe she will show up. Maybe she had something to do at home, so she really needed to go?" But my subconsience thought different, She wont show! She is mad and doesnt want to talk to you. With that I almost crawled up the stairs and plopped down on my bed and began snoring.
"What are you doing here so early." Again, he suprised me as I was laying with my surfboard by the water."O, I...Im waiting for Jaimie." It was 7:54 and I was metally preparing myself for my confrontation with Jaimie. I never thought I would have to go through this with my best friend, but I guess the best of people fight. "Aw, I see. Well I guess it would be wierd if I was here." "Just a bit." We exchanged smiles as he resumes him morning run. I watched his muscular legs carry him across the sand when the light footstep of, what I assumed were a women’s, ceased beside me. I stood up to the beautiful Italian whom I liked to call my best friend. "O, hi Jaimie! I just wanted to say..." "No. There was a misunderstanding," I raised my brow ate her as she continued with a flat voice. "You said in the voicemail that you were okey with me and Ken dating but..." Just then my lovely brother, who I wasnt sure if I could trust anymore, ran up. Unlike John, my brother was not very athletic, and he bent over trying to catch his breath. As he tried to regain control of his breathing, he said, "Omygoodness just the person I wanted to talk to! Oh and its perfect that your here to Jaimie! We need to talk."

Chapter 2
He gave an attempt at a sneaky wink toward Jaimie, but I definatly saw it. To my surprise, her response had a hint of disgust in it, "Right, um we need to talk to you, I guess. I planned on coming alone but he..." "I insisted on coming because it isnt jsut her problem; its mine too." After interrupting her, he gave an apologetic smile and put his arm around her. "Okey go." Jaimie started like the real leader she is, "The thing is, that is you misunderstood that we are together. We arent just getting together, Ken kinda proposed to me yesterday." I looked at them like they had just eaten a baby in front of my eyes. I cant put it all together! My brother and my "best friend for life" were dating behind my back and now Jaimie expects her to be O.K. with them getting married? What the hell was she thinking? What am I supposed to say to that?
"Sara! Sara! Hello, anyone home?"
I snapped out of my head babble to Jaimie's snapping fingers in my face.
"Anyone in that thick skull of yours?"
My brother and his "fiancé" were looking at me bewildered. I tried to tell them I was fine but my mouth wouldn't form the words, "I-what are- huh?"
"Omygoodness are you going insane! Talk like you’re not mental!"
"Yea, I have something! I’m not ready for this yet," Jaimie's eyes widened and she looked like I stabbed her in the chest. "But I will keep an open mind and adjust to it. That's what bffl's and sister do, right? But I need to go and make sense of this by myself. I'll see you all later."

I entered her bedroom and went straight to my computer. I didnt know what I was going to do but I needed to get her mind of off what had just happened. After surfing EBay for a new surf board and checking my MySpace I found herself looking at a new page for My blog. I hadn’t written on the blog since I was 18. It used to be a place where I went with my teen dilemmas. I hardly remembered typing the words in, and the words just seemed to appear on the screen. After clicking “publish” there was no going back on my words.

“Hello ma’am, I am Officer James Canner we are aware that you are an acquaintance with a Ms Jaimie Garnier. Would you mind coming down to the station with us to answer some questions?”
The more attractive officer looked me in the eye, as if looking for the answer deep in my soul. He had deep black eyes and a distinctive jaw line. He was very athletic with well developed muscles. He was about 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. Someone that I would normally be attracted to if he hadn’t just asked me to go to a police station with him.
“Only if you will tell me what this is about?” I can’t imagine what trouble Jaimie could have gotten into now.
“I am Officer Oscar Hagland. We found Ms Garnier dead in an alley along the beach. We were hoping you could give us some information on who might do this.”
“Omygod. I can’t believe it. Why can’t you ask me these questions here? Come on in and ask away.”
Officer Canner’s partner was his exact opposite. He had a slim face with a long nose and thin lips. He was tall, but he had long legs with a short torso. He was about 190 pounds and didn’t have a muscle on his bones. His name definitely didn’t help his unattractiveness. Definitely not the ideal police officer type. I can see a wedding ring on his finger, and I can’t help but feel bad for whatever women fell into his trap.
They exchanged looks, and then Hagland followed me into my living room followed by Canner.
“Where were you last night at 10:00? And is there anyone who can confirm your position?”
I ignored the question. “Do you want something to drink? I have tea, lemonade, soda, and water?”
“No, answer –“
“I would like some lemonade please.” Canner interrupted him and smiled at me as I left the room to get his drink.
“What is your problem Canner? You can’t flirt with a suspect! What if she killed the women and she goes to jail? You cant take her on a date when she is in jail!”
“Settle down, I am being nice and if we are nicer then she will cooperate. Its common sense.” They were whispering other things to each other until I came back into the room with his lemonade.
“Thanks.” Another fake, flirty smile.
“I was here. In my bed. Sleeping. No, there was no one with me. I sleep alone. I didn’t kill her. Why would you even think that?”
“We found this opened up on her laptop which was located next to her body.” Hagland help up a piece of paper. I took it and read it. “Why did this happen to me: This morning I found out that my best friend and my brother are getting married. I didn’t even know that they were dating! I hate her and my brother for this! Who do they think they are? I’m so peeved I need to punch something, hell I need to kill something or someone just to express my hate for this instance. I cant even form a sentence! Someone is gunna pay for this.”
It was my blog post. I had forgotten about writing that.
“Wow. How stupid do I sound writing this crap.”
“So you don’t deny writing this?” Hagland was asking all the questions while Canner wrote.
“Well. Okay I guess I cannot deny that I wrote that but I wasn’t thinking and I would never kill someone! I don’t even remember writing that I would make someone pay. I’m not that type of person and you can ask anyone I know: my brother, my boyfriend, anyone!”
“Can we get the names of some of these people?”
“Of course. My brother is Ken Bader, my boyfriends name is John Duinda. Lets see you can ask my brothers friend and my uhh,” I hesitated, I couldn’t tell these police officers that he was who I got my pot from. “my – my friend, Jonathon Kannon.”
I smoke so I can maintain concentration. It helps me keep focused so that I can study or do my homework; college gets rough. I haven’t seen Jonathon for at least a month, and I was running out of pot so I would need to see him soon.
“Jonathon Kannon? Does that name sound familiar to you Canner?”
“Isnt that the pot dealer we are looking for?”
Oh crap! “O I didn’t know he did that. Um, what proof do you have on that?”
Canner looked up from his nearly full notepad. He no longer wanted to flirt with me “Ma’am you said that you had aquantence with him. Can we take a look around your home?”
Before I could answer he was up and looking around my house. I never keep any supplies inside my home, just in case some suspicious cops came around. I was very glad of that now. Only if they didn’t ask to look in her car.
“Nothing. That’s good for you ma’am. We are going to take this information down to the station, if you can think of anything else you would like to say don’t hesitate to call.”
Officer Oscar Hagland was printed on the card he gave me along with a work and cell phone number.”

Officer James Canner - hot officer
Officer Oscar Hagland - ugly officer
Jaimie Garnier - ex-bff
Sara Bader - main character
Ken Bader - brother Jaimie’s fiancĂ©
John Duinda - boyfriend?
Jonathon Kannon – brothers friend

That is just what I have been writing :/ OH by the way this has nothing to do with anything that is happening in my life. Someone told me one time that kids often write things about there life and that isnt what I did.
I hope you like it :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Longest blog in the history of Phototakengirl's blogs!!!!

It has been a week since I updated you guys. And it doesn't help that I was super busy the whole time so this might as well be the longest blog I have ever written. Well, lets get started:

Colorado Adventures (Sunday to Saturday)

After I finished my last blog on Sunday evening, we sat around and talked, and headed to bed. Monday is Laundry Day!!! We went to town to do our laundry and then went to Wal-mart trying to find my yarn, but they don't have my color :(. Then we went to Albertson's so we could stock our refrigerator. On the way home we stopped at the propane place to pay a bill and then finally headed home. We came home and played some cards while working on our potluck meal. We made this Mexican sauce and a casserole that kind of went together. We went to potluck half and hour to early, so we sat around and waited. When they called table numbers we were 2nd :D. That almost never happens. Then we came home, played some more cards, and went to bed.
Tuesday, there was a craft show at Blue Spruce RV Park (its up the rode about 15 miles). Grandma and I went but didn't find anything we wanted. When we got home, we noticed that James (yet another friend) was giving some stuff away. You see, he just moved in to his place and he was cleaning it out and making it more 'him'. We didn't see anything there either, but there was some nice shelves and things. We don't have a use of room for them though. Then I got on the computer and played around. I should have written a blog then, but I thought I would do it later; Ill never say that again (hopefully). We went to see Despicable Me and it was seriously cute. I liked it, but my Grandparents just said it was a stupid, animated, kids movie. >:(. We got home and Aunt Shirley taught me how to make a scarf with that special 'eyelash' yarn. Ive been working on it on and off for the rest of the week but I still haven't finished. Then right before the Jam session, we went over to Connie and Jerry's (friends) to have a Biscuit rap. Now I don't blame you if you don't know what that is. I didn't either until Tuesday. You take a biscuit and rap it around this special stick, and stick it in the fire until it cooked.
Btw I'm sorry about the poor quality of the Biscuit rap and Jam session pictures :( I forgot to change the setting before I started taking pictures, but I still wanted to show them to you.   
Once you biscuit is done cooking, you slide it off the stick with a napkin. 
And then stuff a barbecue weenie in it.
Time to nom nom nom your biscuit!
After that we went to Jam session. If you don't know what that is: A bunch of talented musicians get together and play our favorite songs. In the beginning there was only one person because everyone was at the biscuit rap still (again I'm sorry about the poor picture quality). Then Fran and Mike came and started Jamming with Doug.

That was defiantly fun. During this Belva and Henry (my 3rd cousins) got back from Kansas. And then the night was over and we put our beds to work.

For some reason it wont let me align this to the left so I guess center works.
Wednesday, we woke up and Grandma played with the bulletins on the computer. I was super tired for some reason :( and then we ate...Those are the only notes I have for Wednesday, so I guess it wasn't that exciting. (YA it aligned right now!!) Thursday was so much fun!!!!! We went on a jeeping trip! And I took SO many pictures. There are too many pictures for a blog and it would take me over an hour to get them all on here but Im putting them on my Facebook so if you are friends with me then you can look at them there..
Friday we saw The Expendables.......honestly...dint see it. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! SOOOO BORING!!! HORRIBLY FAKE AND STUPID!! Sorry but it was very stupid. We got home and played a half of a game of Train with Belva, Shirley, Grandma, and me.
Now on Saturday I slept in until 8 o' clock and I haven't even taken a shower yet. Well today is my last day here and I go home tomorrow unfortunatly. Then Monday I go to school. :( I tell you about my last day tomorrow morning.
Lots of Love!

(My signature isnt working...Ill figure it out and put it in the next one)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Regular, non whiney blog :)

Colorado Adventures!:
After I worked on my update from yesterday, Grandma kicked me off of the computer and finished the bulletin for church. We played so Mexican train and then headed to the Rec Hall for BINGO!!!!

Charlie really wasn't feeling good at all, so our other friend, Jerry, called the numbers (seems like we have a lot of friends up here. There must be to many nice people :) Naw!) This time I played 5 cards! I know it sounds like to much, but it is a lot more fun that way, and the odds of you winning are a lot better. :) I would know because last night I won 10 bucks!!! I was very excited when Jerry called " O 66" Me: "BINGGGGGGOOO!!!!!!" After not winning the big pot (which was $50 even), me and Grandma (because Grandpa was to lazy to play with us) went home and went to bed. This morning Grandma and Grandpa let me sleep in late. It wasn't to late because we had to go to church early and help set up. Luckily, the dancers, last night set it up for us because they are so darn nice. :)
After singing and listening to Charlie's sermon, we went home and changed clothes and ate lunch. Now we are sitting outside and talking about stuff. Uncle Stan was so nice to let me use his laptop outside :) LOVE!! I'm not sure what else we are going to do today, but I will tell you about that tomorrow.
Lots of Love!

Popular? And Friend Recognition.

Why is it that so many things end up being popular. Blogging, vlogging, texting, et cetera et cetera. And then the people who are a part of that network end up getting popular, along with it. I have no problem with this, of course, because that is the way social networks and things like this work. In so many popular blogs that I read or Vloggs that I watch the people say "I didn't mean to get popular. It just sorta happened." Although, in the beginning, I'm sure that was true, they were just writing because the were bored or because they had nothing better to do, but in the end, we all strive to be popular or have an audience. Even I, sometimes, think 'What can I write about that people will want to read' or 'How do I get more people to read my blog'. That is why I have knew things like my 'Book Thingamajig'. Often times I will write an entire blog and delete it because 'It wasn't good enough' or 'it was stupid'. But that is stopping right now!! Many 'popular' people say to just be yourself, and although I strive to do that; I feel like I am not myself on here. I am a fake version of the Krystal many of you know and (I hope) love. If my following likes my work and my writing, they will tell their friends and soon enough I wont be on the sidelines or even away from the game, I will be in it.
I guess the reason I write this is because school and life, in general, has been hard to me. As many of you know, I am changing schools this year, and I am not very good at making friends. It doesn't help that most of my old friends are abandoning me, and leaving me to deal with the new school drama on my own. I start school in a week and the reality of it just hit me. But speaking of friends, I want to thank some people for still being there for me:
You all!:






Of course my family (some included above),
and the friends that have stuck to me:



and A (I don't have a name for her, so Ill call her A)

Along with a couple others.  These people have been there for ever since we first began to be friends. And even if they don't read this, they deserve to be recognized. Any who I will make a separate regular blog.

That picture (below) has nothing to do with anything but its funny :)
I truly appreciate you,

Saturday, August 7, 2010


If you aren't one of my readers: Skip this first part:
Book Thingamajig:
PC Cast and Kristen Cast
Ch 1-10

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The fact that Stevie Rae is back is still kinda growing on me. I know that she was to much a part of the book to just die like she did, but its still a bit weird. As for the friends being friends again issue, I knew it. There was no way that they could have made so many more books without Zoey's friends. When the High Priestess of all High Priestesses came, I was not expecting anything like what happened. I though Neferet would put on an even faker identity that she had been, and that she would be totally respectful. The High Priestess should kick her butt! :)
We'll see what happens I guess.

Colorado Adventures!!

Yesterday morning, we all slept in. Meaning that we woke up at like 8 o' clock.....Meh! Either way, we went for a late walk on the dam after breakfast and fully waking up :). We worked on making an Elk Stew Casserole, played a couple games of cards. At 2ish we went to the card room and learned how to play Mexican Train. Another very fun game!! Although it, also, takes forever to play!! Then we came home and ate leftovers for dinner, when Aunt Shirley, Uncle Stan, Aunt Pat, and Uncle Gene came back from Farmington. After some friendly conversation I was talking about Shania (dog) and Grandma and Grandpa said that they wouldn't mind if Shania just stayed one day. I called my dad and asked him if he would mind bringing her up here when he came up. I even said that I would wash his car EVERY weekend for a month. But he said he would think about it, so I need to drop it and just let him decide. If there is only one thing that Ive learned in my life, it that when you ask something and the person says 'Ill think about it' it means shut up so I can decide and if you say more about it the answer is no! But that might just be my house. I don't know.
This morning we woke up and got ready to head to breakfast. At least once a month the park hosts a Country Breakfast, that we attended this morning. The food was super good! As we were being served we asked Sandy how Charlie was. She said that there was no way he was gunna sing in church. Therefore we needed to pick a hyme for the choir to sing instead of the Duet. Then I came home to update y'all on my Adventure :).
I hope you enjoying this as much as I am,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Some changes:

Colorado Adventures:
Yesterday we woke up and got ready to go to town. While waiting for Grandpa to get ready, and for time to pass, I blogged and played on the computer :). After awhile of that fun stuff we went to the movie. Dinner for Schmucks is so funny!!!! Another must see in my opinion! The only bad part of the movie, was the (about) 6 year old sitting behind us. All I have to say is that there is a reason they rated that movie PG 13. She didn't get it. At all. And she talked, practically, the whole time. Meh!
After our lunch of popcorn, we went to Albertson's and did some quicky shopping, and headed home. I painted my fingernails pink :) then we went to Charlie and Sandy's place to see if Charlie was ready to practice the song they are going to sing at Church. His voice has been going haywire so we're not quite sure if they are going to sing yet :/.
We went home and ate a snack, played some cards, and went to bed, when I finished my book.
I'm making some changes to the Book Thingamajig. 1) Ive been spelling "Thingamajig" wrong :/. 2) I'm only going to do an overview of the books when they are book reports so that it will help me with my report. 3) I am going to only do my thoughts on what happened in the part I read, when it is a pleasure reading book.

Book Thingamajig:
17-The End

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

No spoilers this time :), because I'm only going to say what I thought about it. Chosen was a super good book!! The suspense and thrill of each chapter held my nose to the book. I only save books/series' that I really like, and this series is getting a special spot on my shelf.
I though that I left my Untamed book at home and that I would have to wait till I left to be able to read it, but when I was putting away my Chosen book I saw a glimpse of Untamed and pulled it out, just to find out that I didn't forget it!!!!! I am a very happy girl!

Up Next:
Untamed (Book 4 of House of Night series)
PC Cast and Kristen Cast.

PS How do you guys like the signature...I couldn't decide on a color so I used this one just because. I really want your input on what color it should be. If I get a lot of suggestions I might make a poll on the side ---->

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An extra day!!!!

I'm very sorry that I didn't blogg about my adventure yesterday :( I was very bored and I don't like to blogg when I'm too bored because then my blogg gets boring. Any who....
We went to Wal mart and returned some things, and then got some candy for the movie :). Then we went to the Theater and saw Charlie St Cloud. It was very very good, but it is defiantly a chick flick :) The weird thing about that theater is: instead of showing previews before the movie, they play music...its a bit annoying. After that we came home and ate some soup. Yum Yum. The popcorn wasn't a good enough lunch for me. Then we went outside and played a game called Phase 10 (google it. You have to have special cards though :( But it is super fun!!). That game takes forever to finish!!!! Grandma won in the end and we all went to bed.
The next day, we got up early to walk across the dam. Belva and Henry left the day before so it was just Grandma, Grandpa, and I (correct grammar :)). We came home, got ready, and fixed the chili so that it could cook till lunch. I worked on my crocheting while Grandma worked on the church bulletin. We went outside and had the chili and the last couple of pieces of pie. Next, for dinner, we had Aunt Pats spaghetti :).
I got home and called Momma and Daddy and asked if I could stay one more day, because the day that I was supposed to leave, is Ice Cream Social day, and Grandpa is making his famous butter pecan ice cream :D. Daddy said that, all along, the plan was: He come up here on Saturday and leave Sunday. So I get an extra day!!!!!!

I still don't have enough chapters read to do a Book Thingamajig. So catch up to chapter 21 and Ill do it tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Playing.

I was just playing with my grandparents camera thing. Most of these I didnt even take. I was just playing around :)


Hey bloggy buds :)
It seems like every time I blog, these days, I'm eating :/. Yesterday was soup, today is peach delight (although I thinks its more like a pudding thing) with granola. What will tomorrow be?
I haven't taken any more pictures, because, honestly, there is nothing up here that is photo worthy. :/ I'm cold because grandpa turned of the heat and he turned on this fan that blows right on the comp seat. >:( That probably sounds a bit strange to my friends back home :), but I'm in Colorado and it gets cold here. And that brings me tooooooo:
Colorado Adventures!!!!!!:
Yesterday, after I left you guys, I passed the time by editing my blogg background, and eating (sounds like me, huh?). When my Grand rents got home I help put up the groceries and then I made the peach delight thing for potluck. The only difference from then is, it didn't have granola in it. Then we went outside and taught Mark how to play Nominations (it a card game, a variation of OH Hell). After a half of a game, we helped Aunt Shirley peel and slice potatoes for potluck. Not to long after that we ran off to potluck to get a good table. The reason you have to get a good table is because each table has a number on it. They put all the numbers in a bowl and pull them out randomly. They first number called is the table that gets to go first, if that made any since? Today must have been our lucky day because (although we didn't get 1st) we got 2ND!!!! :) After stuffing ourselves up to our chins we come back to the RV and put stuff away. I grabbed my coin purse and an Arnold Palmer, then ran to Nominations. We played two games: the first one I lost 45 cents (i cant find the cent sign on the keyboard :/) to Belva. But the second game me and Charlie (another friend that lives here during the summer) tied, and split the money. We got 90 cents each :). I got back home, but Grandma and Grandpa were already asleep. I woke them up so they knew I was home and went to bed. This morning I woke up kinda late, ate breakfast, and then got all ready. Later, we are going to see Charlie St. Cloud :) ya!
Sorry, book thingamajig today because I only read 2 chapters :(. So If you haven't read at all catch up to chapter 19. Then I might read 2-5 more chapters before I do a Thingamajig :).


Monday, August 2, 2010

More Colorado adventures!!!

My adventures continue!!!!
Yesterday afternoon, after making pie, we finished watching the strange movie and then went outside to help Uncle Stan make jalapeno poppers :). After de-gutting, stuffing, and cooking them, I must say that they turned out pretty darn well. In the meantime, Uncle Gene and Aunt Pat arrived with there son, Mark, and grandson, Cade, in tow. We had a good time eating poppers, chicken, and pie with a couple friends, Mark, and Cade. The adults drank wine and margaritas, but didn't leave any plain margarita mix for me :(. So I  stuck with my Arnold Palmer :). It began raining, so the women retreated to the warmth of their RV's, while the men sat around looking at maps. Not to long after that they ran to the RV's and went to bed. I finished watching a TV program when it started raining really hard. I couldn't get to sleep, so I read until my eyelids got too heavy. This morning me and Belva went for a walk across the dam at 6. When I got back Grandma and Grandpa were getting ready to go to town for laundry, and they left me here. I read for about an hour and now I am a seriously bored girl because Shmuel wont text me because she have vollyball :(.
I figure I can start the Book Thingamagig today:

Book Thingamagig:
(Third Book)
By PC Cast and Kristen Cast
Ch. 1-17

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First I am going to do an Intro to this because I just started. I am going to review what I read, and then talk a little about what I think about these chapters. At the end of the book I will say what I thought about the book and what book will be coming next (if I know that). This is for the readers in my group and, of course, you don't have to read it if 1) this isn't your type of book 2) you don't like book reviews 3) or if you just plain don't want to read it. Yet for those of you who like this and would like to read along with me, I would love to have you and your comments on the book. :)

The first couple of chapters are just setting up the characters, which I am not going to explain because this is not spark notes or anything. This is just me going over the book and talking about it.
Zoey is having some problems where she has to save her undead friend, Stevie Rae from being killed by the powerful High Priestess: Neferet, while juggling three boyfriends: Heath, the human boy who Zoey Imprinted; Erik, the totally hot, popular fledgling at the House of Night; and Loren, who is a part time professor who believes that Zoey is special and that certain rules don't apply to her. After Aphrodite has a vision that Neferet is going to pull Stevie Rae into the sunlight and she will burst into flames, their plan is to get Stevie Rae in Aphrodite's 'garage apartment', where Neferet cant find her. After getting the reluctant Stevie Rae in the house, washed up, and fed, Aphrodite and Zoey head back to the school. When Aphrodite heads in she finds Prof Nolan had been crucified with her head cut off. The note on the body suggests that the People of Faith have something to do with this. Which also means Zoey's step-loser (as she calls him) must also be involved. When she calls and asks her mom about this, she suspects that her mom is lieing, when she says he was home all night. Because of the incident with Nolan, the warriors are all around the school making it almost impossible to get in...or out. Luckily, Aphrodite has a way to get out, PLUS she emptied the kitchen's supply of blood for Zoey. Zoey plans to sneak out and somehow 'break up' or break the bond with Heath and drop by Stevie Rea with the blood.

My thoughts: I think that Stevie Rae may not be there when she goes by and Heath is going to cut him self practically forcing Zoey to drink his blood like in the last book. But so far this book is very good. I suggest reading the other 2 books (Marked and Betrayed) before this because 1) it gives you a good base that this book works on and 2) because they are really good :).
I will check in tomorrow with the next few chapters and hopefully another blogg about my adventures,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First photography bloggy blogg :)

Although I haven't bought my camera yet I have some pictures that I took on my little digital, that I would like to show you :)   :    This is the place that I'm staying at :)
The trees are beautiful huh?
the side yard :)
mmmmm breakfast (two above)

humming birds :)
puddles (above and below)

Regular bloggy blogg:

Hello my bloggy buds,
I said I would write a normal blog yesterday afternoon, but I couldn't because it was raining so hard that I couldn't get on the computer :( I was actually writing (which is odd because I'm a typer not a writer) a draft of this last night, so that I could have all my ideas down before I forgot them :).
Any who I went to register for school a few days ago. All went well until we went to see the nurse. But before I can tell you what happen you have to understand how crowded it was, and how very very very unorganized it was!!!!!!!! The first thing you were supposed to do was see the nurse, but all the helpers told us to just go on past it and come back to the nurse later. When we went to get my ID card they told everyone in the room that we should have gone to see the nurse before, but it was okey and they would let us go by anyway. So I got my schedule and ID card and paid for everything including: Yearbook, Hall Locker, PE Locker etc. When we went back to see the nurse she said that they didn't have my shot records. Meaning that I wouldn't be aloud to go to school unless they had it that exact day........ keep in mind that me and my daddy went in about a month ago and dropped on my shot records along with my birth certificate etc. So you can only imagine the surprise on my face when she said that, and I saw the lady take the records copy them and file them when I was there earlier!!!!! So the nurse told us to go into a little office and see if they had it in there, or else we would have to go down to the doctor and get them ourselves. Which would take a good hour or so. All the way there my mom and I are panicking because it was hard for mom to get this time off, and if she had to take more off she would catch crap. Sure enough, we were aloud to go to the front of the line. The lady took out my little file and looky! There is was, third page down!!! She made a copy for us to take down to the nurse (What a nice lady, unlike that nurse!!). The nurse took the paper and entered into the computer and let us be one our way :) It was about time!!!
Then comes to my trip up to Colorado! :) What a fun time Ive been having!!!
After registration and all the crud, I did some last minute packing and my grandparents came to pick me and my stuff up. We went to there house and I packed my stuff up in one of their suitcases and headed of to!!!!!!!! Of course, I didn't get to bed until 9 :) I just sat in bed and read; I finished the book Betrayed by PC Cast and Kristen Cast (House of Night series is super good. I should do a little book club  thingy :)) Yay! The next morning we woke up at 4 o' clock! And headed out. Of course, I slept the majority of the trip up here, but it took about 12 hours including stops for fuel, eating, caching, etc. which honestly doesn't seem that long...after the fact :). We got here safely and settled in. BEDTIME :) The next day we went to town (about an hour away from were we are) and got groceries since the fridge was about empty. We got some bottles of Arizona: Arnold Paulmer Half Iced Tea Half Lemonade. It is def the bestest!!! After that we went to our friends place and had Cajun Gumbo :) YUMMY YUMM!! Everyone seemed to be surprised that I had two bowl fulls, but I love Gumbo. Always have :) Gumbo makes you very tired apparently so we went to bed. The next morning we got up super early and walked over the dam before it got light out. We came home and got ready, had leftovers and a big salad. Grandma was experimenting with recipes and made some weird yogurt cottage cheese crap and force fed us :P Me and Grandma went to choir practice. Which surprisingly, is super fun :) (darn grandma is gunna read this and see that I'm actually enjoying that........JUST KIDDING I hate it its horrible I might as well die:)...just kidding) Then a couple hours later we went to bingo :) Grandma won a Bingo but she had to split it with someone and Henry won some and he actually one 2 games meaning that he got the pig :) haha. The big pot was $65!! But he didn't win that one :( Today we went to church and Grandma and I sang with the choir :). We took communion, and then rushed home to start the Italian Wedding Soup...NOM NOM NOM sooooooooooooo yummy. I just got done making Peanut Butter Pie for Uncle Gene's Birthday (Happy Birthday Uncle!!!), so now they are in the fridge cooling off.
Grandpa is watching some weird movie while doing dishes and I need to figure something out to do after I'm finished with this. Maybe Ill ask Shmuel (by way of text) what I should do.
Well all I know is tomorrow I'm going to start the book thingamagig (I think we will call it that) and be bored hahahha
Okey ttyl,