Monday, December 27, 2010

New Stories :P

Well I have come up with a new story idea and I would like to share it with you.
This is just a quick write up of the story.
Again, I try very hard to not write stories that are about my life, so this has nothing to do with my feelings or any of the events in my life:

Sonia Rucker is a girl whose goal is to kiss a boy by the time she graduates from the 9th grade. This isnt an easy task as she is the girl on the sidelines who, as she thinks, nobody likes. She comes to find that has many admirers. Two boys stand out the most to her, Steph Deacan, the totally hot football player, and her best guy friend Joseph Candel, the not so hot Trumpet player. How she manages to get her clumbsy self in a relationship with Steph we will never know. But does he just like her becuase of superficial things, like the typical football player? Sonia finds herself in the difficult situation of choosing between her best friend and the most popular guy in school. Who would you pick?
Find out who Sonia picks in my newest novel (that I actually plan on finishing) called Day Dreaming.

I will be working on this from time to time, so who knows when it will be finished. I may or may not post it chapter by chapter. Just keep your eyes out for a post called Day Dreaming or Day Dreaming Ch. 1.

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