Saturday, February 27, 2010

David Guetta!!!!! and P!NK!!!

I feel like it's been forever!!!!
I was going to do a video but Im enjoying my music too much to turn it off and I bet my parents are going to tell me to turn it down...whatevs!

She's nothing like a girl you've seen before!!!

Sorry its part of the song Im listening to...just so you know Im not whering the hat! AHHHH! IM horrible!!!

I have had a wonderful day!!! Me and my mother went to the mall and I bought some new makeup brushes!!!!!!! at Icing... Then we went to Claires and I bought some SUPER SWEET GLASSES!!!!!
We went to my FAVORITE STORE (PAC SUN) after that and I bought 2 shirts!!!! Then we headed to Kohls and I got 2 pairs of SKINNIES!!!!!!!

It was the best!!!!
Anyways...This is too hard to read! AHH
OK so I wanna tell ya'll about my wonderfull friends from school!!

First, I think this girl is one of my BEST friends. She is always there for me even when some os us are fighting! She is amazing. Im texting her now hehehe. She is short and skinny and funny and just plain my discriptive words. She is a music guru...ya I LOVE HER. We are going to call her: Sasha!

Next, my next bff is Violet! She is amazing!! Well she is sooo funny and I have no other way to explain her! She is always by my side and ya haha. Well she is the same height as me and blonde hair...really skinny and pretty with a perfect FOREHEAD!!! haha well I guess ya'll wouldn't understand why I said that but whatevs...


another song...

Ok my next friend is Jessica. She is really pretty and cracks me up when she talks about sue ing someone...hehe she want to be a lawyer obviously! ha love her...We hang out alot because we have our first 3 periods together!! Wow I love her!!!

Next is Natasha. She is sooo awsome I love her to death!! She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
PRETTY!!!!!!! OMGOSH It's crazy! She is skinny and has blonde hair and a perfect face and ohhhh my gosh she is amazing she is sooo nice and supportive!! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!

Now is one of my newest friends. Racheal is sooo cool we are like sisters. Even though we just started being good friends I know I can trust her with annnnnnyyyyyything!!!!! We always text each other! And we are soo much alike I cant believe we just started being friends! I love her!

I have many other friends but these are my BFFS!!!!

NOW, Im gunna tell you about the guy I like...well I cant tell you too much about him because if somehow he reads this then he will know, which isn't such a bad thing but whatevs.
We'll call him Jake. He is soooooo amazing...thats all I can tell you for now...

Well Im getting hungary so I will ttyl.
btw thank you to Broadwaychick for the amazing ideas for this blog including the colors and the content...LOVE YA!!!

Anyways, I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WILL TTYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

VLOGGING!!! Is there such a thing on blogger??

So I made this video awhile ago, but I just edited it now sooooo enjoy!!!!