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Con Mucho Amor,

Shakespeare :))

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

-William Shakespeare

I am in love with Shakespeare's work!! And this isn't a resent thing. I have loved it ever since we read Twelfth Night in 8th grade. Sure his language may be confusing at some times but all in all it is amazing!!! In my 9th grade English class we just got done reading Romeo and Juliet (my second time) and it just re-arose my love of Shakespeare...
In my English class we have been doing a bunch of Shakespeare related assignments. One of them that I resently did was re-writing the ending to Romeo and Juliet. And I thought I would share it with you!! If you havent read the entire play then some of this may not make sence to you, but everyone knows the idea of Romeo and Juliet so hopefully it isnt too confusing. Please understand, I wrote this in two days and it isnt the best. But the ideas are all there. If I had more time to work on it, I totally would but I need to turn it in.

Romeo and Juliet: Alternate Ending
Juliet's eyes begin to open. At first she doesn't realize were she is at. She turns her head to the left and sees Tybalt. Then to the right; there is another dead relative. Suddenly, it all flashes back to her. Tomeo and Juliet's marriage, Romeo getting exiled to Mantua, Friar Laurence's plan and her finally drinking the sleeping potion. She realizes she is in the Capulet's tomb.
She tears the sheet off of her body and runs into the bleak night. She has no idea if Romeo has come for her yet. She sits down on the nearest rock and ponders her options. Finally, she decides there is no reason to stay in the cemetary. She walks farther into the cold night, past the ashen tombstones and decorative trees. Finally, she walks throught the massive iron gates to the hardly lit road. She turns to her right and see only the dark road. Then she turns to the left. At first she sees nothing, but then a petite figure steps into the light.
"Is that you Rosaline?" says Juliet.
"Yes, I have been following you. I knew you weren't actuall dead." Rosaline says.
"Oh well, that is kinda creepy, but am I glad to see you! This place is like a ghost town. Have you seen Romeo? He is supposed to be coming for me."
"Even if I did know where he was, I would not tell you."
Oh well, Rosaline, me and Romeo have this thing and..."
"Oh I know about your 'thing' with Romeo! You know, me and Romeo had something until you came along! I was just playing had to get. I have been following you ever since that night when he first saw you."
The next thing Juliet knew was Rosaline's scared fist making contact with her jaw.


Romeo runs into the cemetary at full speed. He hurtles over the grave stones and finally comes to the beautiful Capulet's gravesite. He walks into the already open doors. As he scans the untouched areas of the gravesite, he cannot find Juliet. Panicked, he starts running down the aisles, but she isn't there. All he can find is an empty space next to Tybalts body. He sits down on the spot were Juliet's body had once laid, defeated. He can here steps aproaching him and he looks up.
"Romeo? Oh Romeo, I am so glad I found you! Where is your lady, Juliet? Has she run to get her things so you can flee to Mantua?" Friar Laurence runs over to Romeo's side.
"No Friar! She isn't here! I don't know were she is! She wasnt here when I came."
" Oh dear, ohhhh dear. We have a problem. The sleeping potion I gave her has probably made her confused and disoriented!"
"Wait, wait! What potion? Did you tell her to kill herself?"
"I gave her a potion that would make her appear dead. She took it last night, so she would not have to marry Paris, but you did not get the letter I sent which explained this all to you. Now that everyone thinks that Juliet is dead, you and her can run off to Mantua together." The Friar explained.
"There is one problem with your plan Friar. We don't know where Juliet is!" At this piont Romeo was extremely frustrated.
The two men headed off the find Juliet. As they ran through the streets of Verona, Romeo's mind began to think of the worst.
What could have possibly happened to my dear Juliet? What if she was kidnapped in her deep slumber? She could awaken any minute now and some creep could hurt her or even kill her! What if she is already dead? No, no I cannot think that. I must think positively. Oh, but what if she is indeed hurt. Oh my dear Juliet, I swear if I find you, and someone has hurt you, I will kill that soul.

“Rosaline, don’t you thing this is a little irrational,” Juliet said as she backed away from Rosaline. “I really think we should talk about this. Really, this is no way for a couple of respectable young ladies to act!”
After a couple more insults to Juliet and a few more blows to the face, Juliet decides to take action. As a general rule she didn’t know how to fight, but when her instincts take over she knows exactly what to do. She gets a couple of affective hits when Rosaline pulls a knife out from under her dress. Rosaline gets close to stabbing her straight in the heart, but Juliet reaches down and picks up a couple of large rocks. She throws one and misses. Then the second, yet another miss. Juliet starts to panic and throws one final rock.

After searching for a half an hour, Romeo and Friar Laurence are getting tired of looking for Juliet.
“Friar, do you think we are ever going to find her? I am getting tired and I need to go back to Mantua before the sun rises and someone sees me.”
Just then, a blood curdling scream rips through the night air.
“That could be my Juliet! Come, Friar before it is to late!”
Romeo grabbed Friar Laurence by the arm and barreled down the street toward the noise. The followed the trail of blood to a girl standing over a body. For Romeo, the sight of his love, dead to his other loves sword was unbearable.
“Oh Romeo, she attacked me! I saw her in the street and all of a sudden she lunged at me! Oh Romeo I was terrified!”
She jumped into Romeo’s arms like a child missing her mother, and sobbed.
“Rosaline! How? How could you do such a thing, as kill my dear Juliet!
All of the emotions running through Romeo’s heart were intolerable. He loved both of the ladies and he had sworn to Juliet that he would kill anyone who hurt her.
“But Romeo, it wasn’t my fault! I told you! She attacked my with that knife! I was defenseless, there was nothing anywhere. Romeo I was so scared! I need someone to help me through the trauma.”
Romeo thinks: Well, I never promised Juliet to her face. According to Rosaline, Juliet attacked her. All I can do now is help this poor girl through her sorrows.
Finally, Romeo convinces himself to always remember Juliet and to love Rosaline.
After Juliet’s second funeral, Romeo gets un-exiled, and Rosaline convinces him to get married to her. Romeo has since forgot about that night, and about Juliet altogether, yet again breaking another promise. Rosaline thinks of Juliet often, and how she is glad the poor girl is dead.
The End.