Saturday, January 30, 2010


Okay so I know I haven't blogged in forevs and I'm missing it!!! So I had some free time right now soooo I'm getting to it...
Part of the reason I haven't blogged is because I was in DC/New York for a week with my school!!! Yay! I had the most fun evar!!!
Anyways... This week has been normal I went to school and it was Grandparent's Day on Wednesday so my wonderful grandparents came and spent the morning at my school! That was pretty nice cuz then they get to see what my school is like.
Friday was a half day and I rode the school bus to my bus stop and my grandparents picked me up. We went shopping at Kohls and I got a swimsuit 2 pairs of skinnies, and a new shirt! Yay!
Yesterday me and my fam went to the Gem show! I got a pair of earings for me and some "loose neck" wood turtles for my friends!
Today I went to a movie with some friends and then went to Walmart and the pet store! YAY! Fun times! Tommorow I have to return to school! GROSS! Not looking foward to that. Now i've got to go, so have a nice life and I will talk to YOU soon!!!!!
Love yall

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The last 4 days in one!! n_n

OK im sorry I haven't posted them but her they are!!! BLAH BLAH...btw hopefully tommorrow I will make a regular blog!

sooo here is todays
it is a picture of my new jacket I got today cuz I got rid of my other black one...everyone is very happy about that but im sad :((((

This is for the day before...It is my dc stuff!! Im finally packed!!!

And the day before that!! There was a lake at midges! sooo ya

and the day before!!! I was really bored!!!

see ya l8rs

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The title says it all!!!! WELLLL I didn't forget I just didn't have time!!! hahahaha I'm sneeky!! Here is 1/18

And 1/19

And here is 1/20

Don' have much time to blog now...will be back l8r with todays pick!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A regular blog?! FINALLY!

Ok guys so I decided that this project 365 thing is going to take up much of the blogging that I do and, as you can tell, I haven't been telling you guys alot about my week...which I really like to do. So I have come to the conclusion that, once or twice a week I will post a regular blog along with my project 365

This blog is kindoff spur of the moment but I HAVE to share something with you...I don't have much time so lets get right to it. BTW in some of my blogs I will be talking about my friends so I will abbreviate their names by the first letter of their names, if that makes any sense (I got that idea from broadwaychick!)!

So I got this awsome FWD today from my friend "B" and I wish to share it with you...MAKE SURE AND SCROOL DAOWN TO READ IT ALL!!

First it had a little grafic but I can't figure out how to get it on here from my phone so I'll just tell you what is was!
It was a little man licking the screen that said I must licky you...






There are 6 absolute facts of life. 1.It is physically impossible to touch all your teeth with your tongue.






2.All retards after reading the first fact will try it.





3.You will discover that the first fact is a lie.




4.Your smiling now cuz you're a retard.




5.You soon will forward this to another retard.





6.There's still is a smile on your face that's're a retard!

Is that not hilarious oh ya and the end said:

I apoligize for sending this to you but I'm a retard and I need the company!!

Lolololollolloloolol haha I was loling so hard!!!!
gtg get ready for 4h mom is getting mad lol

<3 horsegothchick

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I almost forgot about todays picture, but, thank God for dads, my dad reminded me!

At first I didn't know what to take a picture of, but then my phone buzzed and it came to me! Isn't it crazy how many electronics we have in this family and there was one more Ipod that we just sold a week ago!

That is CRAZY!!!

I also had fun taking photos of different groups but these don't count as the photo of the day only the one above is...

This is Mom's electronics in a pile (right). My electronics (middle), and Dad's (left)!!

And this is the camera, the Ipods, and phones (left to right)!


I'm very sorry guys I haven't posted in forever, but I am back now so lets put the past behind us!

So I decided to start that Project 365 thing where you take a picture every day of the year. Now of course it would have been ideal to start on the fist of January but I'm setting a trend!!! Way to go Krystal for setting a not very productive trend! WoooHOooo!

Anyways... I forgot to blogger yesterday with my picture so I will post this for yesterday ( I promise I took the pic yesterday ask my Dad and my Mom!!

So here I am about to post the pic to this blog...








HAHAHA Isn't that great!! I had to get my mom to stand behind me with some treats so he would look at the camera...It didn't really work out like i planned but I love how his ears are!!! :) ILOVE THIS PUP!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I think Meshla is a sweetness word!!!!

First of ALL: OK well update on my foot, I went to the Doc today and she said that I have to have them in STILL until Wednesday of next week!!!! AAhhhhhAhhh!!! And also I was sooo mad because OW! means nothing to this women!!! She was practically ripping my toes apart and didn't even care when I said Ow!!

OK well this week was actually pretty successful!!! I started back at school on Tuesday and for every class I had to find someone to carry my stuff. But it was kindoff nice cuz my backpack is very heavy. LOL! Aaaaaanyways, Wednesday, and Thursday were the same. Except this Thursday we had this really weird assembly were all the disciplinarians talked to us about "bullying". They had us sit in classes so most of the right side were 8th graders. THE WHOLE TIME, Mr O'rielly (the main speaker) was looking at all the 8th graders!!!! We haven't done anything!!!!! Ugh! It just makes me mad!!

Then today I went to the Doc and...well I already told you that. After my mom asked if I wanted to go to school since my foot obviously hurt! I told her I'd like to stay home. We got some chores done, I cleaned of my desk and ate dinnah!!! We had Fish Talapia!!! It was AWESOME!!

Now I am laying in bed typing this blog out of boredom...and my dad was nagging me because I hadn't updated. lol. Now I will go read his blog and update my personal Facebook!

See/type to you L8R

Btw what do you think about doctors?
Nice, mean. Yay, nay.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

BLAAAARRRGGG!!! (supposed to be posted Mon.

Hola Friends!!!
I am finishing my caramel delight ice cream tonight!! It is yummay!!! AND IT’S ALMOST GONE AHHHH!!!!
I found out today that my father got a blog!!! YAY!!!! You should all check it out!!! It is and if you cannot find it then just look at the people I am following!!! His blog is called...get ready for this!!!! "The ramblings of a Fuzzy bear" HEhehe Is that not cool...a lot more creative than mine idea...eweee (BTW yes I meant to write mine cuz people say that sometimes in England...OH YEA)
You might be wondering:
1) Why I named this post "BLAAAARRRGGG!!!" Well it's because I have been watching meekakitty's videos on YouTube ( and let me tell you she AMAZING!!! I <3>
And 2) Why I'm not talking about my day/week yet?? Ummm Idk so lets start now!

My day went by really quickly! I woke up at like...Idk when but then I was just messing around in my room and I started looking on YouTube for new videos and I watched some of meekakitty's even though I have seen them all and I watched some really random videos and I saw one of this really wierd have to see this: Just go on YouTube and search Bad Romance and pick the one with a asian guy...tell me what you think!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan, 3

Hey yall ya im not a texan...o well
well let me catch you up on myself... I do ranch sorting everyother sunday and the other sundays I have 4h...during the week I will more thatn likely be studying or doing homework.
I am now on Christmas break untill the 8th!!!!
A couple of days ago I cut my foot on a piece of glass...I know smooth right!!!
I have 4 stitches and I cant walk on it or I bleeeeed!!! ack!
anyways I will brb with some more info cuz I am having Dominos Pasta Bowl right now...The three cheese mac and cheese one!!!!

mmmmmm how yummay!!! I also had some ice cream afterwords!!!
anyways life has been good to me, Im not failing any classes and I like to think I dont have any major life ill see you guys tuesday!!!
O and thats the day I start school so i might do this monday instead!!


Intoduction!!! :D

O hai!!!! well I used to have a blog then I forgot how to get into it so I am starting a new one.
but this one will be a little different, I will update you as often as I can (I am hoping to get a sceduale...i cant spell worth crap lol) and I will tell you about my day!!
So let me tell you a little about myself!!
I ride horses and I enjoy the internet!!! Im always on facebook or youtube or blogger!!! my horses are practically my life outside of school. I am a participant of 4h. That was sort of like a 1st graders' sentence...ex. I enjoy life. I have fun. Why am I even doing im lame!!! annnnnnnyways Ya thats my life...

weeeeeeeellllll Im very tired because it is 235!!!!!! I think i should get some sleep and i will tell you more about my current life events tommorrow...or maybe the next day cuz i will be busy... and to think of it...oh nevermind ill get to it sometime!!!