Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan, 3

Hey yall ya im not a texan...o well
well let me catch you up on myself... I do ranch sorting everyother sunday and the other sundays I have 4h...during the week I will more thatn likely be studying or doing homework.
I am now on Christmas break untill the 8th!!!!
A couple of days ago I cut my foot on a piece of glass...I know smooth right!!!
I have 4 stitches and I cant walk on it or I bleeeeed!!! ack!
anyways I will brb with some more info cuz I am having Dominos Pasta Bowl right now...The three cheese mac and cheese one!!!!

mmmmmm how yummay!!! I also had some ice cream afterwords!!!
anyways life has been good to me, Im not failing any classes and I like to think I dont have any major life ill see you guys tuesday!!!
O and thats the day I start school so i might do this monday instead!!


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