Friday, January 8, 2010


I think Meshla is a sweetness word!!!!

First of ALL: OK well update on my foot, I went to the Doc today and she said that I have to have them in STILL until Wednesday of next week!!!! AAhhhhhAhhh!!! And also I was sooo mad because OW! means nothing to this women!!! She was practically ripping my toes apart and didn't even care when I said Ow!!

OK well this week was actually pretty successful!!! I started back at school on Tuesday and for every class I had to find someone to carry my stuff. But it was kindoff nice cuz my backpack is very heavy. LOL! Aaaaaanyways, Wednesday, and Thursday were the same. Except this Thursday we had this really weird assembly were all the disciplinarians talked to us about "bullying". They had us sit in classes so most of the right side were 8th graders. THE WHOLE TIME, Mr O'rielly (the main speaker) was looking at all the 8th graders!!!! We haven't done anything!!!!! Ugh! It just makes me mad!!

Then today I went to the Doc and...well I already told you that. After my mom asked if I wanted to go to school since my foot obviously hurt! I told her I'd like to stay home. We got some chores done, I cleaned of my desk and ate dinnah!!! We had Fish Talapia!!! It was AWESOME!!

Now I am laying in bed typing this blog out of boredom...and my dad was nagging me because I hadn't updated. lol. Now I will go read his blog and update my personal Facebook!

See/type to you L8R

Btw what do you think about doctors?
Nice, mean. Yay, nay.



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