Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Letter "A"

I am going to start something.I am running out of blog ideas! Its a terrible tragedy and I would like to continue the blogging. So I have thought of a long term sort of idea. I am going to do the letters of the alphabet. So, for example, todays letter is "A". So my topic has to be something starting with an A. The next blog will be B and so on and so forth.

First off I have to think of something with an A....

I think for this post I am going to talk about animals! :) But more specifically my animals!! I have a wide assortment of pets! I have always been a huge animal lover and someday I hope to become a vet... One day I will tell you about my plans once I graduate High School!

Anywho, I have a guinea pig, a rabbit, a cat, 3 dogs, and a horse!
I will go from smallest to largest here:

My Guinea Pigs name is Steven! He is a boy (obviously, he has a male name) and lives all by himself in a cage in our living room. He is a short haired American Guinea Pig. I got him about a year ago and he is estemated to be able 2 years old. I really do love him even though I dont spend that much time with him! I am thinking about introducing my guinea pig and my bunny to each other so they can run around the living room together!  

My Bunny Rabbit's name is Bella and obviously a girl!! I got her for easter this year! (Ironic Easter present is it not??) My wonderful grandma (on my moms side) got her for me! She is an Angora Rabbit. Angora's have really long fluffy hair!! And it doesnt stop growing! Every once in awhile I have to give her a little trim! She lives in a cage in my room underneath my bed. I spend alot more time with her because I let her come out of the cage at night and rome about as I read. But I love her just as equally as all my other pets.

My Kitty Kat's name is Donut.....I was like 5 when I named her! Hahaha but she is a short haired mutt! We have no idea what type she is but she sure is a loving little thing!! She lives outside because she had an 'accident (that wasnt so much of an accident)' inside the house and now she resides outside. But everytime you come home she is there by the front to to great you with a kind "Meow!" She was my second cat pet and I love her!!

Now for all the dogs!! Only one is technically 'mine' but I will tell you about them all!!
First up is MY dog: Shania! She is named after Shania Twain (because of a little tradition one of my horse friends has) and she is an Australian Shepard, Border Collie Mix. She is probably the most intellegent of the dogs that we have and deffianetly the most playful!! She loves to play constantly! She is my little baby and I love her. I have had her for 2 years now and I got her at a horse show when she was only a couple months old!

Next up, Rocky! This is my moms dog, and he is a Pit Bull Shepard Mix. We got him for Easter when I was about 6 years old. A lady came into the nail salon where me and my mom got our nails done and was giving away these adorable 6 week old puppies!! So we just had to get one! He was my first dog ever and I absolutely love him! He is probably the most mentally retarded of all the dogs., and of all the animals! Haha but we still love him all the same!!

Lastely is Gizmo!! This is sorta the family dog! Haha He is a little dog, and we dont exactly know what type he is. He looks to be a mix of corgie, chihuahua, dachsund and some thing else!! He is a total mutt!! But he is the most adorable dog of all time! Just the way he acts and everything is so cute! You just want to throw him against a wall!! Hahaha just kidding! I would never abuse an animal! But seriously he is adorable! The whole family loves to sit in the living room and just watch him play!! We found him in a pet store about 6 months ago...Someone had abandoned him on a shelf in the pet store and we had to rescue him! And we are so glad that we did!!

Now, the last of them all is my horse!! Her registered name is Golddust Review, but we call her Mrs. Arnold. She is an American Quarter Horse and a golden color with a white main and tail! She is gorgeous!! I use her for horse shows and such and she wins all the time!! You might be wondering where 'Mrs. Arnold' the name came from. The people who owned her before me where trying to teach the young boys of the household that getting a girl pregnant at a young age was not good, and that you have to get married before doing that. But the horse (Mrs. Arnold) was pregnant at the time and the boys wondered who the horses husband was. At the time the also had another horse named Arnold. So they 'married' the pregnant mare to Arnold and she became Mrs. Arnold!

I love all of my animals sooo much and I was I could be with them all the time!! But unfortunaly I cant. Like now. I am staying with my grandparents for the night and I cannot take any pictures for you. But later I will take pictures and upload them to my photography tab above the blog posts ^^^

Con Mucho Amor,