Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today my friend is SHMUEL!!!!!!! <3<3<3 less than three!!!! She didnt want her name put on the internet so she called me to call her shmuel, haha, its kindoff an inside joke, and, well you are on the outside. Haha jus kidding I <3 you. But it would take a long time to explain. Anyways, Shmuel (hehe) is sooo suportive of me; if Im feeling discouraged about school work or 4H she is always there for me. She lets me talk to her about my crap and she doesnt judge me. I also want her to know she can always do that with me too. If I am in a bad mood or something happened that Im sad about, she knows before I even say ANYTHING!!! She can read me like no other person! Me and her always hang out during lunch on the field and talk about last night and about what the people said that we ALWAYS text haha. She listens to me complain and me babble on about who I like (even though she thinks I shouldnt like him). I LOVE YOU SHMUEL!!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!

This was just a quicky to tell you about Shmuel. Next I will talk about my friend Tiffany!!!! <3 She also has a blog I will link to in my next blog.
<3 Ya,

Thursday, April 1, 2010


OK so in my last post there was a little mis-understanding.
Yes, lots of us say we love each other and we mean it (I do!)! But I was speaking of a general public. As in the people who are in their prime (21-35 is what I think of as prime). These people generally arent in it to get married.

With that aside, I want to tell you about what I did yesterday.
Yesterday I slept over at my good friends house. I will not tell you her name for I do not want ya'll to stalk her! haha!
We went swimming with this little boy in her community, we walked to safeway and back multiple times, and we sat around and just plain talked. Yup it was pretty fun stuff!!! Now I am back at my grandparents house and we are going to see a movie today!! We are going to go see Alice in Wonderland!! Yay Ive wanted to see it for awhile now. Finally, they decided they wanted to take me :) <3.

If you guys have a twitter I just wanna let you know that I also have a twitter. Idk how many people out there actually look at this blog but they just dont "follow" it officially. Soooo if you have a Twitter plz follow me and tell me that you look at my blog! I would very much appreciate that!!!!!

Sorry. Anyways. TODAY is April Fool's Day!!!! I actually dont have any "fools" that I want to play :( Normally every year me and my friends play a joke on our other friend as to get her back for the one she played on us in 6th grade. Let me tell you the story. We were just going to tell one of our friends that she died because we didnt think she was coming to school (I know its cruel) But when she came to school our whole plan was foiled, so we decided it would be a good idea to tell her that our friend had lucimia and that she only had...o just about a month to live. This was perfect!!! OK we may sound like we are sooooo mean and that we dont sound like good friends, but it was all in good fun. Right after school ended we told her it was all a joke and she was sooooo mad, but we hugged and it was all good. But every since then we will NEVER live it down. It was sooooo funny, but the friend we tricked claims that one of these days she is going to get us back!!! AAAHHH haha I just cant imagine what she is gunna do haha.
SOOO that is the story and why my tricked friend wants to get back at us/other friend. haha
Do you guys have any fun April Fool's traditions/jokes/stories?? Let me know in the comments; I would love reading them!!

OK so I have decided that every time I blog Im going to have a little "segment" where I tell you about one of my bffs!
Todays bff I have told you about before. I called her Racheal, but I just asked her (by way of text :)) and she said she wont mind having her name up on this sooo her real name is Anisa. She is one of my BEST friends!!!! And I havent even known her for that long!! Haha I know I can trust her with all my secrets! and tell her anything and no one else will ever know! She is soooo amazing! And she is GORGEOUS!!! I dont care what she says because she is one of the prettiest girls I know!!! :) Even though we havent been friends for awhile I know I can say anything to her and she wont judge me or stop being my friend because she thinks Imma freak or something. And she knows she can do the same thing with me. She is definiatly one of my best friends and I love her sooooo much! Thank you Anisa (cuz I know your gunna read this :D) for being AMAZING!!!! Love ya!!

My next friend is gunna be one that I havent been friends with for awhile either.
Thanks for reading!
I will talk with you guys later!