Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wannabe Mexican :P

"There are so many different ways lives work out, so many stories, and every one of them is precious: full of joy and heartbreak, and a fair amount of situation comedy."
-Sean Stewart

How are my amazing readers this fine evening (/morning/afternoon/midnight or whenever you may be reading this)??
I hope your good because I sure am :))
I have just been a really happy person lately :)) which is always a good thing :) in my opinion...

The majority of my friends are currently Mexican <3 and since I am always surrounded by them I am like a total wannabe mexican :)) And all of my friends want me to learn Spanish so bad!! And so do I!! It would be great to know what they say when they speak Spanish. Its kinda funny because sometimes someone will say something and then remember I am there and say it in English :P I dont mind though, it doesnt affend me.
I think Im getting pretty good at it. I am good at the understanding part. Not so much the speaking :PP Hahaha But I have taken enough Spanish classes to know some words and so most of the time I can get it. Ive also learned alot of things from them.
Chewing Gum = Chiqle :/ Im no good at spelling but I can say it
Estoy mochos = Do i have boogers.....that may seem kinda wierd but my friend is sick and she doesnt wanna have boogers on her face :P
Hahaha so Imma start using a little bit of spanish on here :P idk just cuz Im crazy and obsessed right now :P But only really easy stuff that you will probably be able to understand. Like I wont start writing in complete Espanol...Maybe Spanglish:P <3

Anyways, it is nighttime when I am escribe (writing) this. And I need to get to bed and then read my libre :) Currently reading Remember Me by Christipher Pike :)) <3

Con Mucho Amor,
Krystal :))<3**