Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Holidays are here!!

Its barely after Thanksgiving and the TV is already over-run with Christmas commercials! Not that I dont like Christmas, dont get me wrong, I love Christmas!! Who doesnt? But I think it is a little ridicules that even before Thanksgiving everyone is talking about Christmas. Anywho.
I love Thanksgiving break:
I have been a very busy girl. On Wednesday we woke up and traveled to my grandparents house. (And its not that it is too far only about a 30 minute drive, but it sounds more exciting when I say it like that.) My cousins where going elsewhere for the food, so it was just my parents and grandparents and me. After we ate, me and my mother went to ******* where my aunt lives (about 2 hours away). We scouted out our Black Friday route that night and went to bed early with bellies full of ice cream. That Friday morning we woke up at 2 AM so we could stand in line at Fry's electronics, while my mom went to Wal-Mart to wait. The stores only open at 5 so why would someone get there at 3!! Who knows? But thats what we did.
Then after a couple hours and success at the stores me and my mom went home. I cleaned my horse with the intention of going to a show Saturday morning, but that isnt exactly what happened. I woke up and said "Im too tired." and I went back to bed. Great.
Now I am sitting in my room typing away while watching Juno.
How fun.
Later we will take the dogs to the dog park and see the horse.

Couple days later.
Here in the dessert it seems like one day we have nice weather, and then BAM! the next day its winter!
The past couple of days have been freezing! Me and my friends have a hard time finding a table in the warm cafateria and are forced to eat outside. With the wind blowing at 100 MPH (not literally) it gets a little cold. Ok maybe not a little, ALOT!!! Even my house is cold. One of the air vents or something is broken. Or something like that. So we cant turn on the heater in my house yet. The coldest rooms in the house are the master bedroom, the computer room, and nicely enough MY ROOM!! So I sleep in the living room where it is warm :) and with like three blankets!
Anywho... I have a show this weekeng called Winter Point show. It is one of the big 4H horse shows of the year. What happens is you show in all your events (ie: Showmanship, Horsemanship, Reining, Equitation, etc.) and whatever place you take, you get a certain amount of points. Im not sure of the exact point values but it goes something like:
Something like that (those arent the exact values I just made those up).
At the end of the year, after the ***** County Fair, whoever has the most points gets a belt buckle (in the horse world they are worth alot not only in $$$ terms but in our heads). So this year I am hoping to do very well and get a belt buckle! It's always good to think positive! :) This weekend I definately wont get up and say "Im too tired." That will not be tolerated by anyone! :)
I will talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The longer I am in public school, the more I love it!! I cannot believe how much better it is than private. While you are in private school you think everything is fine and dandy until you go to public. Then your whole perspective changes and you relize how much of that part of you life you have wasted. For me that was 9 YEARS!!! Its crazy but life is good now and I can finally say that I am truly happy.
The only thing that would make it better is a boyfriend. OH Im just kidding (for you Dad) Guys cant make a girl happy XD.

A couple days later
Life has treated me pretty good for the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of shows coming up. It seems like this year I have benn going to alot more shows than ever!! I have another this weekend that I am going to start riding english in. If you dont know what that is it is wear you ride in a littler saddle.

This is english saddle :). And below is a western saddle (what I am used to).

So anyways it is alot of fun cuz I am starting to like denglish alot more than western. And my horse was an english horse before I started to use her, so she likes it alot better also. She responds alot better to it :)

I was making this post at my mums work and she says it is time to go :( I will ttyl my friends