Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HAIR CUT!!!!!!!

YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I got my hair cut (cuz I told you I would and I dont lie!) and


It looks UUmazing!

This is the good one (up). I seem more confident. Maybe its just me :/
eeewwww this one (up) looks kinda crummy cuz my bangs were falling :/ idek why I even put this one up O_o

I was on the phone with my Mumma when my Grandma took this pic.
Anyways, now that I have told you about my amazing hair cut! haha. I had some other things I wanted to tell u!
Did you know I love you!
I feel like people dont say it enough in this world. Sure we use it when we dont really mean it, but what about the times when we do mean it. Then is when we dont say it :/ How screwed up is that!? So I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you! Most of you are my family, who read this, or you are one of my friends from school. Even if I dont know you and you are reading this I still love you (not in a sick 'wanna be in a relationship' type of way). You guys support me so that I want to keep writing these things (even if it takes me awhile to update). I just wanted to tell you guys that so that you knew.
I wanted to talk about something today that most people dont really talk about. That would be the kind of rep that teens have these days. Think about it. Your at a social club and the first question the guy asks you is 'Do you have any kids at home?' and you say 'O yes. I have 2 beautiful TEENAGE girls/boys at home'. What is going to go through his head? A normal person: Omgosh her kids are probably drug adict, pregnant, emo kids who dont do any thing around the house or help with anything they are prolly out drinking illegally right as I think this!
Now who wants that type of rep?? Not me! And I am pretty much a teenager now. People should think things like: AAWWW she must be a beautiful little angle! Im sure she helps her mom around the house and gives her hugs and kisses all the time!
But of course we have a bad rep because of the few that get taken to jail... UGH!
Well I have to go. Im kinda hungry. I need food haha.
Bye my lovelies!!


Hey guys!

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile my life has been very busy.

Lots of new stuff: We found a house we are going to buy! Yay! Its been a long time searching and for 2years and now we finally found the one!!! Its very exciting! My grandparents on my moms side are going to help us out with the house because during the winter months they are going to come down here (from Cali to Arizona) to spend time with us! And so my Grandma (Neanie is what I call her) won't roll her car on black ice again...:/

Next we are going to get a new horse! His name is LA like Las Angeles. But it is just LA. haha. He is 5 years old but is only trained for trail rides and things. My hands are going to be very full with him and 4h haha. Once we buy and move in to this new house, we will take a trip to El Paso to get him. It is going to be soooo fun!! Im very excited for all of this!

I am in Sping Break (yes I capitalized it because it is very very important. haha!) right now! YAY Im spending alot of time with my Grandparents! YAY I love spending time with them :) haha. Today I am getting a hair cut! I have been waiting for this hair cut forever because I am going to get side bangs and maybe layers. Im going to take a break right now, from blogging so I can look for a picture of what I want my hair to look like! :) I will put the pic on here so ya'll can see!

Its reeeeaaally hard to find a cute haircut! There are sooooo many options!

I kindoff like this one but I just dont know I know I want the bangs but im still not sure about layers...:/ this is sooooo difficult...hold on

I also like her bangs tho...

Well I have got to go so I will take a pic of my hair when I get back to show yall! And I will write more when I get back



Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello my lovelies!!!
How have you been... I have been grand!! The past week has been short which is always nice and today (Friday) my school has the day off! Yay!!

Okay well I have a video for you guys, but I am at my grandparents house so I cant do it now because I forgot my flash drive!! IM SRRY!!! I will definatly put it up tommorrow or Sunday so no worries.

Anyways back to my week! It was nice and short, which suprised me because normally when we have Friday off the week seems so llllooooonnnngggg!!!!! We did the normal: schoolwork then lunch then more schoolwork then there is Spanish class.
If you didn't know this my elective is Spanish (I sound like a geek!). Well in the beginning of the year we all thought it was pretty fun because it was so wierd and the teacher was pretty cool. Yet as the class material got harder, the teacher got more strict and the class lessend in fun! Nowadays the classes are long and hard and boring!!
But then there are those days that are HILARIOUS!!!!!!! The teacher will say something that cracks us up and the rest of the class is us explaining to one of the students why it is funny and all of us laughing our butts off!!!
AAAHHHH!! Those are the good days! Anyways Im bored and dont want to make this into a veryboringrambleingnoonewantstoreadit blog soooo