Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HAIR CUT!!!!!!!

YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I got my hair cut (cuz I told you I would and I dont lie!) and


It looks UUmazing!

This is the good one (up). I seem more confident. Maybe its just me :/
eeewwww this one (up) looks kinda crummy cuz my bangs were falling :/ idek why I even put this one up O_o

I was on the phone with my Mumma when my Grandma took this pic.
Anyways, now that I have told you about my amazing hair cut! haha. I had some other things I wanted to tell u!
Did you know I love you!
I feel like people dont say it enough in this world. Sure we use it when we dont really mean it, but what about the times when we do mean it. Then is when we dont say it :/ How screwed up is that!? So I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you! Most of you are my family, who read this, or you are one of my friends from school. Even if I dont know you and you are reading this I still love you (not in a sick 'wanna be in a relationship' type of way). You guys support me so that I want to keep writing these things (even if it takes me awhile to update). I just wanted to tell you guys that so that you knew.
I wanted to talk about something today that most people dont really talk about. That would be the kind of rep that teens have these days. Think about it. Your at a social club and the first question the guy asks you is 'Do you have any kids at home?' and you say 'O yes. I have 2 beautiful TEENAGE girls/boys at home'. What is going to go through his head? A normal person: Omgosh her kids are probably drug adict, pregnant, emo kids who dont do any thing around the house or help with anything they are prolly out drinking illegally right as I think this!
Now who wants that type of rep?? Not me! And I am pretty much a teenager now. People should think things like: AAWWW she must be a beautiful little angle! Im sure she helps her mom around the house and gives her hugs and kisses all the time!
But of course we have a bad rep because of the few that get taken to jail... UGH!
Well I have to go. Im kinda hungry. I need food haha.
Bye my lovelies!!

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