Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello my lovelies!!!
How have you been... I have been grand!! The past week has been short which is always nice and today (Friday) my school has the day off! Yay!!

Okay well I have a video for you guys, but I am at my grandparents house so I cant do it now because I forgot my flash drive!! IM SRRY!!! I will definatly put it up tommorrow or Sunday so no worries.

Anyways back to my week! It was nice and short, which suprised me because normally when we have Friday off the week seems so llllooooonnnngggg!!!!! We did the normal: schoolwork then lunch then more schoolwork then there is Spanish class.
If you didn't know this my elective is Spanish (I sound like a geek!). Well in the beginning of the year we all thought it was pretty fun because it was so wierd and the teacher was pretty cool. Yet as the class material got harder, the teacher got more strict and the class lessend in fun! Nowadays the classes are long and hard and boring!!
But then there are those days that are HILARIOUS!!!!!!! The teacher will say something that cracks us up and the rest of the class is us explaining to one of the students why it is funny and all of us laughing our butts off!!!
AAAHHHH!! Those are the good days! Anyways Im bored and dont want to make this into a veryboringrambleingnoonewantstoreadit blog soooo

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