Friday, September 24, 2010

Old friends.

I cant believe how much I have missed my friends. Its hard to go back and read all of there Facebook and Blog posts. I have yet to go back to visit because I am afraid that I would totally loose it there and make a fool of myself.
I miss EVERYONE!! Even my mortal enemies: the ones that made me miserable. I actually miss that. Which is rather dissapionting today.

Sydney, Delaney, Mia, Megan, Anisa, Grace, Serena, Tiff, Destiny, Carolina, Samantha, Becca, Mike, Morgan, Taylor, Caleb, and so many other people who I would love to see soon!

But I have made many new friends!:
Janeth, Britney, Alex, Perla, Yasmin, Devon, Dulce, Isabell, Cassandra, Gabby, Jeff (I actually forgot his real name?) Marshal, Eric, Luis, Nathan, Sebastion (sorta?), and a bunch more!

So I would like to say that life is pretty good in public school, but there are no fun retreats or trips that we go on :( That is one huge thing that I miss about ***** ***** ( I am not about to tell you my middle school:)). But that means there are things here that I like better:
1) Not so much work!
2) When we get work it's not even that hard!
3) Teachers and Admins arent breathing on your neck all the time

So I guess I have it pretty good around here these days.
I will update you later. I am planning on doing a little chapter by chapter story with you guys but I have to finish my story first.

(After I finish) Every post that I write will have a chapter of a story in it. You have to read every post in order to complete the story.
Be expecting this in a month or so. :) I cant wait!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short story.

It has been awhile since I have updated you guys and I am sorry about that but:
I have been working on a short story that Im not really interested in writing on anymore. I wanted to share it with you guys just so that you know I have been working on stuff. Its kindof long and it doesnt have an end, but if you want to use this as some ideas for one of your stories I would love to here what you come up with :)
Here it is:

Chapter 1:

I can feel the sea breeze on my neck as I lay on the soft sand of the beach. I hear his even breathing, and the soft crash of the waves. My eyes are closed as I am soaking in the suns rays. I have lived on the California beach my entire life, but I will never get sick of the beautiful blue ocean and the sea air. I hear him sit up and feel him put his hand on my arm. I open my eyes to his handsome face,
"Sara, it seems like we have been dating for awhile, but the only dates we go on are on the beach" O crap I think he's gunna break up with me. How? We have had this great month together and... "I was thinking I could take you out to a nice dinner tonight" "Oh! Well I wouldn’t want you to spend that much money on me, but if that makes you happy then it makes me happy, John!" A slight smile crossed his face at my stupid babble, "How about Tom's Garden at 6:30?" "Perfect!" He walked me across the sand to my small beach house. We parted with a short kiss. I went into the living space and sat on the couch with a question on my face. What am I going to wear? This would be a perfect time to call Jaimie! I dialed 873-9374 into my Iphone. She answered on the second ring with a beautiful Italian accent "Buon giourno Sara!!!! How have you been? We need to hang out. We could go surfing? Ya! How would tomorrow work?" "Jaimie, I dont understand how such an amazing Italian would come to America, but Im glad your here! I actually called to see if you would come over now so you could help me pick out clothes?" "Of course! Ill be there in 10 minutes!" "Alright seeya" "Ciao!" That was the best thing about having a great friend that lives down the road, they can come over whenever you need them. She burst into the room wearing a beautiful red dress, and a pair of black ballet flats. Jaimie didnt need heels to be tall, she was almost 6 feet tall, beautiful, and athletic. Why John would have picked me when he could have her, I dont know. "Well, you never told me why you need my opinion on clothes? I need to know where you are going!" I told her about the beach scene between me and John. "Oh goody! Its about time he takes you to dinner! Lets take a look in that closet of yours!" with a clap of her hands she headed to my bedroom. We walked into my large walk-in closet, but Jaimie said, "What time do you have to be there again?" "Um 6:30?" "Perfect! We are going to the mall!" We got into my cute red convertable and rode in silence to the mall. Both of us were pondering John's sudden dinner invitation. When we got to the mall it was all talk of clothes and accessories. We decided on a slim black dress with with a low V neck and 4 inch heels. Unlike Jaimie, I am short, at 5' 4" I am 6 inches shorter than her and 5 shorter than John. We paired the dress with a short silver necklace with a shiny black stone and the small diamond ring that I wear every day on my pinky finger. We popped back into the car when Jaimie asked, "What do you think about Ken?" Although I was driving, I magaged to look at her with a questioning look. "My brother? Well I love him of course! Why do you ask?" Most college students might not say that about their brother, but we grew up at an orphanage with no parents, until the orphanage went bankrupt. Our emancipation papers were signed and until we turned 18 we had a state employee check on us once a month. If something went wrong and we couldnt make it to the meeting, we needed to stand up for each other because we were fraternal twins, and its your duty as a twin. Therefore, I was very close to my twin, but why would Jaimie ask me that if she already knows the answer? "No. I know you love him, but what do you think about him and me?" She stared at me with expectant eyes, "What!?" What was I supposed to say! My best friend practically just told me that she was going out with my twin brother! "I mean, if you think you love him and he thinks he loves you and you wanna try it, well I cant stop you." I stammered. We drove into the driveway, and she spoke with her head down, "Alright, I guess I better go so you can get ready." "No, Jaimie, I didnt mean it like that. I was just so supprised that Ididnt know what to say. I thin its a great idea! You two have been pretty good friends for awhile so I think its great!" "Okey. I just. I have to go." At that she walked to her little convertable and drove off. I was still sitting in my car when I heard John's strong footsteps on the gravel. "Oh shoot! What time is it!" My watch said 6:20. "Im so sorry, I lost track of time! Give me a second to get ready, please." I struggled to find my house keys in my purse. I opened the door and ran to my room. "If now isnt a good time, we coukd just go later. Maybe next weekend?" John yelled after me. "No you know me! I just lost track of time. I want to go! Just give me 10 minutes." I jumped into the shower trying to quickly wash away the stink of the mall and foodcourt, while trying not to get my long dark hair wet. Succesful, I jumped out of the tub and slipped on the cute black dress. I tried it on at the store, but i hadnt looked at it before Jaimie told me it looked great. Like always, Jaimie was right. It made me look tall, and accentuated my hourglass figure. I felt confident as i strode down the hall after putting on the accesories. "Wow. You look great! When did you get that?" he asked while staring at me. "Just now. With Jaimie at Forever 21." I tried to plaster a Believable smile on my face, but the sadness in my vioce gave me away. John knew me to well. "Im sorry. Do you want to talk about it?" He huged me quickly and held me an arms distance away looking me in the eye, waiting for my answer. "No, lets just go to dinner an have fun together." This time the smile was, apparently, better because he opened the door for me. Or he just respected my privacy. Or both. I hope both.

Half way through dinner John asks, "Are you sure your okey? You have been moaping all evening, and I feel like Im not getting to enjoy the real Sara." "Im so sorry, John. Im just thinking about Jaimie." "She told me what happened. I saw her on the way to your place. She acted really sad." "I know. I didnt mean to make her mad at me. What was I supposed to say, 'O my brother? Ya, cool I mean your only my BFF and you've been going out with my twin behind my back." A tear rolled down my cheek and into his open palm. I didnt want him to know I was crying. "Im sorry. Our first dinner and Im acting like a total brat. Maybe we should try again later." I said to him between quiet sobs. "I had forgotten he was your twin. That makes it harder. Lets just go back to your place and you can use my shoulder as a snot rag." Even when I was bawling, John could get me to giggle. He stood up and offered to pull out my chair. He was always a complete gentleman. At home I told John that I just needed some sleep and I would be back on my feet. I looked at myself to see messed up hair and a rinkled dress in the bathroom mirror and resumed my sobbing. What am I going to do with my life! I thought My best friend is pissed at me and my boyfriend of only one month is probably going to break up with me because Im a cry baby, AND I look like crap. Cant I be normal for one day! If only Jaimie wasnt the one that was mad. It might have been to soon, but I reached into the small clutch that I brought with me, and dialed that familiar number into my Iphone only to here the cheerful ring of her voice, "Buon giourno, you have reached Jaimie please leave your name and number at the beep and Ill get back to you as soon as possible, Ciao!" BEEP "Hi Jaimie. I understand that my reaction to your relationship with Ken was a bit harsh, but it was simply out of suprise. I want you both to be happy and I love that you have finally found each other. I still would like to go surfing. Maybe we could talk then. How about 8 am..." The finally beep cut me off saying that I had no more time. I clicked end and pondered alloud, "Maybe she will show up. Maybe she had something to do at home, so she really needed to go?" But my subconsience thought different, She wont show! She is mad and doesnt want to talk to you. With that I almost crawled up the stairs and plopped down on my bed and began snoring.
"What are you doing here so early." Again, he suprised me as I was laying with my surfboard by the water."O, I...Im waiting for Jaimie." It was 7:54 and I was metally preparing myself for my confrontation with Jaimie. I never thought I would have to go through this with my best friend, but I guess the best of people fight. "Aw, I see. Well I guess it would be wierd if I was here." "Just a bit." We exchanged smiles as he resumes him morning run. I watched his muscular legs carry him across the sand when the light footstep of, what I assumed were a women’s, ceased beside me. I stood up to the beautiful Italian whom I liked to call my best friend. "O, hi Jaimie! I just wanted to say..." "No. There was a misunderstanding," I raised my brow ate her as she continued with a flat voice. "You said in the voicemail that you were okey with me and Ken dating but..." Just then my lovely brother, who I wasnt sure if I could trust anymore, ran up. Unlike John, my brother was not very athletic, and he bent over trying to catch his breath. As he tried to regain control of his breathing, he said, "Omygoodness just the person I wanted to talk to! Oh and its perfect that your here to Jaimie! We need to talk."

Chapter 2
He gave an attempt at a sneaky wink toward Jaimie, but I definatly saw it. To my surprise, her response had a hint of disgust in it, "Right, um we need to talk to you, I guess. I planned on coming alone but he..." "I insisted on coming because it isnt jsut her problem; its mine too." After interrupting her, he gave an apologetic smile and put his arm around her. "Okey go." Jaimie started like the real leader she is, "The thing is, that is you misunderstood that we are together. We arent just getting together, Ken kinda proposed to me yesterday." I looked at them like they had just eaten a baby in front of my eyes. I cant put it all together! My brother and my "best friend for life" were dating behind my back and now Jaimie expects her to be O.K. with them getting married? What the hell was she thinking? What am I supposed to say to that?
"Sara! Sara! Hello, anyone home?"
I snapped out of my head babble to Jaimie's snapping fingers in my face.
"Anyone in that thick skull of yours?"
My brother and his "fiancé" were looking at me bewildered. I tried to tell them I was fine but my mouth wouldn't form the words, "I-what are- huh?"
"Omygoodness are you going insane! Talk like you’re not mental!"
"Yea, I have something! I’m not ready for this yet," Jaimie's eyes widened and she looked like I stabbed her in the chest. "But I will keep an open mind and adjust to it. That's what bffl's and sister do, right? But I need to go and make sense of this by myself. I'll see you all later."

I entered her bedroom and went straight to my computer. I didnt know what I was going to do but I needed to get her mind of off what had just happened. After surfing EBay for a new surf board and checking my MySpace I found herself looking at a new page for My blog. I hadn’t written on the blog since I was 18. It used to be a place where I went with my teen dilemmas. I hardly remembered typing the words in, and the words just seemed to appear on the screen. After clicking “publish” there was no going back on my words.

“Hello ma’am, I am Officer James Canner we are aware that you are an acquaintance with a Ms Jaimie Garnier. Would you mind coming down to the station with us to answer some questions?”
The more attractive officer looked me in the eye, as if looking for the answer deep in my soul. He had deep black eyes and a distinctive jaw line. He was very athletic with well developed muscles. He was about 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. Someone that I would normally be attracted to if he hadn’t just asked me to go to a police station with him.
“Only if you will tell me what this is about?” I can’t imagine what trouble Jaimie could have gotten into now.
“I am Officer Oscar Hagland. We found Ms Garnier dead in an alley along the beach. We were hoping you could give us some information on who might do this.”
“Omygod. I can’t believe it. Why can’t you ask me these questions here? Come on in and ask away.”
Officer Canner’s partner was his exact opposite. He had a slim face with a long nose and thin lips. He was tall, but he had long legs with a short torso. He was about 190 pounds and didn’t have a muscle on his bones. His name definitely didn’t help his unattractiveness. Definitely not the ideal police officer type. I can see a wedding ring on his finger, and I can’t help but feel bad for whatever women fell into his trap.
They exchanged looks, and then Hagland followed me into my living room followed by Canner.
“Where were you last night at 10:00? And is there anyone who can confirm your position?”
I ignored the question. “Do you want something to drink? I have tea, lemonade, soda, and water?”
“No, answer –“
“I would like some lemonade please.” Canner interrupted him and smiled at me as I left the room to get his drink.
“What is your problem Canner? You can’t flirt with a suspect! What if she killed the women and she goes to jail? You cant take her on a date when she is in jail!”
“Settle down, I am being nice and if we are nicer then she will cooperate. Its common sense.” They were whispering other things to each other until I came back into the room with his lemonade.
“Thanks.” Another fake, flirty smile.
“I was here. In my bed. Sleeping. No, there was no one with me. I sleep alone. I didn’t kill her. Why would you even think that?”
“We found this opened up on her laptop which was located next to her body.” Hagland help up a piece of paper. I took it and read it. “Why did this happen to me: This morning I found out that my best friend and my brother are getting married. I didn’t even know that they were dating! I hate her and my brother for this! Who do they think they are? I’m so peeved I need to punch something, hell I need to kill something or someone just to express my hate for this instance. I cant even form a sentence! Someone is gunna pay for this.”
It was my blog post. I had forgotten about writing that.
“Wow. How stupid do I sound writing this crap.”
“So you don’t deny writing this?” Hagland was asking all the questions while Canner wrote.
“Well. Okay I guess I cannot deny that I wrote that but I wasn’t thinking and I would never kill someone! I don’t even remember writing that I would make someone pay. I’m not that type of person and you can ask anyone I know: my brother, my boyfriend, anyone!”
“Can we get the names of some of these people?”
“Of course. My brother is Ken Bader, my boyfriends name is John Duinda. Lets see you can ask my brothers friend and my uhh,” I hesitated, I couldn’t tell these police officers that he was who I got my pot from. “my – my friend, Jonathon Kannon.”
I smoke so I can maintain concentration. It helps me keep focused so that I can study or do my homework; college gets rough. I haven’t seen Jonathon for at least a month, and I was running out of pot so I would need to see him soon.
“Jonathon Kannon? Does that name sound familiar to you Canner?”
“Isnt that the pot dealer we are looking for?”
Oh crap! “O I didn’t know he did that. Um, what proof do you have on that?”
Canner looked up from his nearly full notepad. He no longer wanted to flirt with me “Ma’am you said that you had aquantence with him. Can we take a look around your home?”
Before I could answer he was up and looking around my house. I never keep any supplies inside my home, just in case some suspicious cops came around. I was very glad of that now. Only if they didn’t ask to look in her car.
“Nothing. That’s good for you ma’am. We are going to take this information down to the station, if you can think of anything else you would like to say don’t hesitate to call.”
Officer Oscar Hagland was printed on the card he gave me along with a work and cell phone number.”

Officer James Canner - hot officer
Officer Oscar Hagland - ugly officer
Jaimie Garnier - ex-bff
Sara Bader - main character
Ken Bader - brother Jaimie’s fiancĂ©
John Duinda - boyfriend?
Jonathon Kannon – brothers friend

That is just what I have been writing :/ OH by the way this has nothing to do with anything that is happening in my life. Someone told me one time that kids often write things about there life and that isnt what I did.
I hope you like it :)