Friday, September 24, 2010

Old friends.

I cant believe how much I have missed my friends. Its hard to go back and read all of there Facebook and Blog posts. I have yet to go back to visit because I am afraid that I would totally loose it there and make a fool of myself.
I miss EVERYONE!! Even my mortal enemies: the ones that made me miserable. I actually miss that. Which is rather dissapionting today.

Sydney, Delaney, Mia, Megan, Anisa, Grace, Serena, Tiff, Destiny, Carolina, Samantha, Becca, Mike, Morgan, Taylor, Caleb, and so many other people who I would love to see soon!

But I have made many new friends!:
Janeth, Britney, Alex, Perla, Yasmin, Devon, Dulce, Isabell, Cassandra, Gabby, Jeff (I actually forgot his real name?) Marshal, Eric, Luis, Nathan, Sebastion (sorta?), and a bunch more!

So I would like to say that life is pretty good in public school, but there are no fun retreats or trips that we go on :( That is one huge thing that I miss about ***** ***** ( I am not about to tell you my middle school:)). But that means there are things here that I like better:
1) Not so much work!
2) When we get work it's not even that hard!
3) Teachers and Admins arent breathing on your neck all the time

So I guess I have it pretty good around here these days.
I will update you later. I am planning on doing a little chapter by chapter story with you guys but I have to finish my story first.

(After I finish) Every post that I write will have a chapter of a story in it. You have to read every post in order to complete the story.
Be expecting this in a month or so. :) I cant wait!



  1. It sucks so much that you miss your old friends, but super duper great that you made a whole pack of new ones =) I've been going to public school my whole entire life and love it. It just seems more real to me =) OH MY GOSH I SEE THAT UR READING CITY OF BONES THE FIRST MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES, AND LET ME TELL YOU THOSE SERIES ARE THE BEST YOU WILL EAT THEM UP IN A COUPLE WEEKS =) Just had to let that out...lolz =) Lots of endless love<3

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