Saturday, October 9, 2010


Who in the world would babysit instead of go to freshman homecoming?!
Your reading her blog.....
I would have gone if I had a boyfriend or something, but since I am currently single, I decided to stay home. Thursday night our neighbor asked me if I was doing anything, and if I could babysit his kids. I wasnt planning on going in the first place, so this gave me something to do (and I got paid!!!). So last night I stayed up with a couple kids until 10 o' clock. Fun night huh?
Anywho since the last time I talked to you guys I have gotten a new puppy!!!! He is sooooo adorable. We found him and of course mom couldnt leave the poor thing behind. We brought him home to dad......ya that could have gone better. But I think after a month the little guy has grown on him. We named him Gizmo after the original gremlin im Gremlins.
I just wanted to update you guys quickly about Homecoming and the pup.


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  1. Aweee! How cute! My best friends dog is named Gizmo also! It's an adorable name! Lots of endless love<3


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