Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freshman Drama :/

I thought that Freshman year was going to be mainly drama free... I was wrong. Very wrong.
I knew that there would be the little stuff about she hates her and they had to work together on a science project and all that stuff, but I was hoping the huge stuff wouldn't come up. At least not so fast.

Me and my friends Kristi and Isabel made friends with this girl awhile back. Now we totally regret ever talking to her... she follows us around constantly and when she walks with us she has to be touching you no matter what. She tells the worst jokes....over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!!! In the really loud lunch room she talks really really soft and when we say "What? Can you speak up." she doesn't speak up at all! She didn't know what Jersey shore was or a seizure and stupid easy stuff like that. She is just plain obnoxious. So how would you get rid of your obnoxious friends??
We felt kind of bad because we don't think she has many other friends so we tried to get her some new friends and let her down easy. She didn't really get the picture so we took a different approach. Isabel had a nice little talk. "So, some people in the our little group here are getting a little annoying and it would be nice if they would just hang out with their other friends and not so much with us." Then the bell conveniently rang! Darn! Christi had her nest class with her. Again, dang! So when the girl talked to Christi in the class she said Her: "Isabel was talking about me wasn't she?"
Christi: "UMMMM....I'm not sure"
Her: "Well it wasn't you so it must have been me"
Then they talked about something not very important and THEN:
Her: "Ya know. No one thought I was annoying until Isabel came around.
OMYGOODNESS!!!!! Way to make me really mad!
Im just trying to cool off now so I needed to type it out.
Nest time will be a normal blog...

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  1. Drama sucks...don't worry things will work out! Lots of love<3


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