Saturday, July 31, 2010


My pod just went off and whenever I get a text (FREE UNLIMITED TXTING ON IPOD TOUCH!!!!!! Its called text free ((I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THAT I JUST LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH))) Any who, my ipod went of and it was like moo cuz that is my alert sound thingamagiggy :)

I am in Colorado for a couple of weeks before school starts...I have to admit that I'm cutting it a bit short, but I already know where all my classes are so I think its okey :). But it is cool because all of my classes are 1) In the second floor or 2) in the basement hahahah fun fun. I have one class in a normal room though which is rather boring :( But I only have 6 classes now and I get out of school at (I think) 215 on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday and 230 on Wednesday :) That's like almost an hour before I got out at my other school.
Well I am super bored so I am going to go find something to do and I will (hopefully) write tonight and tell you all about registration and COLORADO!!! ha ha

I am going to start doing more photography and I am going to use this blogg to post those pictures...I will buy my new SLR camera and then use that camera but for now Im using my little digital camera. I am also going to change the name of my blog from: to: :) because Im really getting into photography even thought I may not be that good at it...yet :)

Krystal :)

BTW I'm starting to use spell check before I publish these because I noticed some errors in the last one but I'm to lazy to go back and change them :) < 3 bye

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Imma Call of Duty girl :) and a Haul :)) con(w/) pics

Not to long ago, before the 4th, we bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. :) Im hooked. Nuf said.

Haha, It took my dad approximatly (sp seriously!!) 5 days to finish the campaign and me 6 days. haha well ya know we kinda like it. But we KNEED to get Xbox live :( we dont have it because of money problems      :(((  WAAAAAAA

Well anywho. I had a ton of things I wanted to say but I was just saying "skip" (more like clicking that) and I realizied I forgot them, so Im sorry that I havent blogged I awhile and that this was a short blogg but hopefully I will talk to yall soon

TTYL my little bloggers!

P.S. OKEY I just Remeered some stuff so I came back and I am now editing it haha :) Okey so I went to some stores In the the past days sooo I wanted to do a Mall Haul :) (and Target :/ haha) haha say that outloud :) Its awsome Mall Haul Mall Haul Mall Haul...anywho
I went to Ross (Some great deals :)) And I got a xoxo purse :)

Sorry Its super small haha but the purse is super cute Its called XOXO Tattoo You Satchel in white :)

I got glasses with this design on them :) Buuuut It doesnt move haha This is my favorite Ed Hardy design. My old phone case was maroon with that on it YAY!

Next we went to my fave store!!! You geussed it!!!: PAC SUN!! <3 From there I got 3 sets of Flip flops:
Cant find pics :( sowwwwy

Then I went to bath and body works and got sweet pea ad P.s. I love you fragrace ps ilove you and twilight woods body cream and pomegranite something lotion :)

Well thats all for now :) love yall