Saturday, July 31, 2010


My pod just went off and whenever I get a text (FREE UNLIMITED TXTING ON IPOD TOUCH!!!!!! Its called text free ((I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THAT I JUST LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH))) Any who, my ipod went of and it was like moo cuz that is my alert sound thingamagiggy :)

I am in Colorado for a couple of weeks before school starts...I have to admit that I'm cutting it a bit short, but I already know where all my classes are so I think its okey :). But it is cool because all of my classes are 1) In the second floor or 2) in the basement hahahah fun fun. I have one class in a normal room though which is rather boring :( But I only have 6 classes now and I get out of school at (I think) 215 on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday and 230 on Wednesday :) That's like almost an hour before I got out at my other school.
Well I am super bored so I am going to go find something to do and I will (hopefully) write tonight and tell you all about registration and COLORADO!!! ha ha

I am going to start doing more photography and I am going to use this blogg to post those pictures...I will buy my new SLR camera and then use that camera but for now Im using my little digital camera. I am also going to change the name of my blog from: to: :) because Im really getting into photography even thought I may not be that good at it...yet :)

Krystal :)

BTW I'm starting to use spell check before I publish these because I noticed some errors in the last one but I'm to lazy to go back and change them :) < 3 bye

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