Sunday, August 1, 2010

First photography bloggy blogg :)

Although I haven't bought my camera yet I have some pictures that I took on my little digital, that I would like to show you :)   :    This is the place that I'm staying at :)
The trees are beautiful huh?
the side yard :)
mmmmm breakfast (two above)

humming birds :)
puddles (above and below)

Regular bloggy blogg:

Hello my bloggy buds,
I said I would write a normal blog yesterday afternoon, but I couldn't because it was raining so hard that I couldn't get on the computer :( I was actually writing (which is odd because I'm a typer not a writer) a draft of this last night, so that I could have all my ideas down before I forgot them :).
Any who I went to register for school a few days ago. All went well until we went to see the nurse. But before I can tell you what happen you have to understand how crowded it was, and how very very very unorganized it was!!!!!!!! The first thing you were supposed to do was see the nurse, but all the helpers told us to just go on past it and come back to the nurse later. When we went to get my ID card they told everyone in the room that we should have gone to see the nurse before, but it was okey and they would let us go by anyway. So I got my schedule and ID card and paid for everything including: Yearbook, Hall Locker, PE Locker etc. When we went back to see the nurse she said that they didn't have my shot records. Meaning that I wouldn't be aloud to go to school unless they had it that exact day........ keep in mind that me and my daddy went in about a month ago and dropped on my shot records along with my birth certificate etc. So you can only imagine the surprise on my face when she said that, and I saw the lady take the records copy them and file them when I was there earlier!!!!! So the nurse told us to go into a little office and see if they had it in there, or else we would have to go down to the doctor and get them ourselves. Which would take a good hour or so. All the way there my mom and I are panicking because it was hard for mom to get this time off, and if she had to take more off she would catch crap. Sure enough, we were aloud to go to the front of the line. The lady took out my little file and looky! There is was, third page down!!! She made a copy for us to take down to the nurse (What a nice lady, unlike that nurse!!). The nurse took the paper and entered into the computer and let us be one our way :) It was about time!!!
Then comes to my trip up to Colorado! :) What a fun time Ive been having!!!
After registration and all the crud, I did some last minute packing and my grandparents came to pick me and my stuff up. We went to there house and I packed my stuff up in one of their suitcases and headed of to!!!!!!!! Of course, I didn't get to bed until 9 :) I just sat in bed and read; I finished the book Betrayed by PC Cast and Kristen Cast (House of Night series is super good. I should do a little book club  thingy :)) Yay! The next morning we woke up at 4 o' clock! And headed out. Of course, I slept the majority of the trip up here, but it took about 12 hours including stops for fuel, eating, caching, etc. which honestly doesn't seem that long...after the fact :). We got here safely and settled in. BEDTIME :) The next day we went to town (about an hour away from were we are) and got groceries since the fridge was about empty. We got some bottles of Arizona: Arnold Paulmer Half Iced Tea Half Lemonade. It is def the bestest!!! After that we went to our friends place and had Cajun Gumbo :) YUMMY YUMM!! Everyone seemed to be surprised that I had two bowl fulls, but I love Gumbo. Always have :) Gumbo makes you very tired apparently so we went to bed. The next morning we got up super early and walked over the dam before it got light out. We came home and got ready, had leftovers and a big salad. Grandma was experimenting with recipes and made some weird yogurt cottage cheese crap and force fed us :P Me and Grandma went to choir practice. Which surprisingly, is super fun :) (darn grandma is gunna read this and see that I'm actually enjoying that........JUST KIDDING I hate it its horrible I might as well die:)...just kidding) Then a couple hours later we went to bingo :) Grandma won a Bingo but she had to split it with someone and Henry won some and he actually one 2 games meaning that he got the pig :) haha. The big pot was $65!! But he didn't win that one :( Today we went to church and Grandma and I sang with the choir :). We took communion, and then rushed home to start the Italian Wedding Soup...NOM NOM NOM sooooooooooooo yummy. I just got done making Peanut Butter Pie for Uncle Gene's Birthday (Happy Birthday Uncle!!!), so now they are in the fridge cooling off.
Grandpa is watching some weird movie while doing dishes and I need to figure something out to do after I'm finished with this. Maybe Ill ask Shmuel (by way of text) what I should do.
Well all I know is tomorrow I'm going to start the book thingamagig (I think we will call it that) and be bored hahahha
Okey ttyl,

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