Sunday, August 8, 2010

Popular? And Friend Recognition.

Why is it that so many things end up being popular. Blogging, vlogging, texting, et cetera et cetera. And then the people who are a part of that network end up getting popular, along with it. I have no problem with this, of course, because that is the way social networks and things like this work. In so many popular blogs that I read or Vloggs that I watch the people say "I didn't mean to get popular. It just sorta happened." Although, in the beginning, I'm sure that was true, they were just writing because the were bored or because they had nothing better to do, but in the end, we all strive to be popular or have an audience. Even I, sometimes, think 'What can I write about that people will want to read' or 'How do I get more people to read my blog'. That is why I have knew things like my 'Book Thingamajig'. Often times I will write an entire blog and delete it because 'It wasn't good enough' or 'it was stupid'. But that is stopping right now!! Many 'popular' people say to just be yourself, and although I strive to do that; I feel like I am not myself on here. I am a fake version of the Krystal many of you know and (I hope) love. If my following likes my work and my writing, they will tell their friends and soon enough I wont be on the sidelines or even away from the game, I will be in it.
I guess the reason I write this is because school and life, in general, has been hard to me. As many of you know, I am changing schools this year, and I am not very good at making friends. It doesn't help that most of my old friends are abandoning me, and leaving me to deal with the new school drama on my own. I start school in a week and the reality of it just hit me. But speaking of friends, I want to thank some people for still being there for me:
You all!:






Of course my family (some included above),
and the friends that have stuck to me:



and A (I don't have a name for her, so Ill call her A)

Along with a couple others.  These people have been there for ever since we first began to be friends. And even if they don't read this, they deserve to be recognized. Any who I will make a separate regular blog.

That picture (below) has nothing to do with anything but its funny :)
I truly appreciate you,

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