Monday, August 2, 2010

More Colorado adventures!!!

My adventures continue!!!!
Yesterday afternoon, after making pie, we finished watching the strange movie and then went outside to help Uncle Stan make jalapeno poppers :). After de-gutting, stuffing, and cooking them, I must say that they turned out pretty darn well. In the meantime, Uncle Gene and Aunt Pat arrived with there son, Mark, and grandson, Cade, in tow. We had a good time eating poppers, chicken, and pie with a couple friends, Mark, and Cade. The adults drank wine and margaritas, but didn't leave any plain margarita mix for me :(. So I  stuck with my Arnold Palmer :). It began raining, so the women retreated to the warmth of their RV's, while the men sat around looking at maps. Not to long after that they ran to the RV's and went to bed. I finished watching a TV program when it started raining really hard. I couldn't get to sleep, so I read until my eyelids got too heavy. This morning me and Belva went for a walk across the dam at 6. When I got back Grandma and Grandpa were getting ready to go to town for laundry, and they left me here. I read for about an hour and now I am a seriously bored girl because Shmuel wont text me because she have vollyball :(.
I figure I can start the Book Thingamagig today:

Book Thingamagig:
(Third Book)
By PC Cast and Kristen Cast
Ch. 1-17

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First I am going to do an Intro to this because I just started. I am going to review what I read, and then talk a little about what I think about these chapters. At the end of the book I will say what I thought about the book and what book will be coming next (if I know that). This is for the readers in my group and, of course, you don't have to read it if 1) this isn't your type of book 2) you don't like book reviews 3) or if you just plain don't want to read it. Yet for those of you who like this and would like to read along with me, I would love to have you and your comments on the book. :)

The first couple of chapters are just setting up the characters, which I am not going to explain because this is not spark notes or anything. This is just me going over the book and talking about it.
Zoey is having some problems where she has to save her undead friend, Stevie Rae from being killed by the powerful High Priestess: Neferet, while juggling three boyfriends: Heath, the human boy who Zoey Imprinted; Erik, the totally hot, popular fledgling at the House of Night; and Loren, who is a part time professor who believes that Zoey is special and that certain rules don't apply to her. After Aphrodite has a vision that Neferet is going to pull Stevie Rae into the sunlight and she will burst into flames, their plan is to get Stevie Rae in Aphrodite's 'garage apartment', where Neferet cant find her. After getting the reluctant Stevie Rae in the house, washed up, and fed, Aphrodite and Zoey head back to the school. When Aphrodite heads in she finds Prof Nolan had been crucified with her head cut off. The note on the body suggests that the People of Faith have something to do with this. Which also means Zoey's step-loser (as she calls him) must also be involved. When she calls and asks her mom about this, she suspects that her mom is lieing, when she says he was home all night. Because of the incident with Nolan, the warriors are all around the school making it almost impossible to get in...or out. Luckily, Aphrodite has a way to get out, PLUS she emptied the kitchen's supply of blood for Zoey. Zoey plans to sneak out and somehow 'break up' or break the bond with Heath and drop by Stevie Rea with the blood.

My thoughts: I think that Stevie Rae may not be there when she goes by and Heath is going to cut him self practically forcing Zoey to drink his blood like in the last book. But so far this book is very good. I suggest reading the other 2 books (Marked and Betrayed) before this because 1) it gives you a good base that this book works on and 2) because they are really good :).
I will check in tomorrow with the next few chapters and hopefully another blogg about my adventures,

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