Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey bloggy buds :)
It seems like every time I blog, these days, I'm eating :/. Yesterday was soup, today is peach delight (although I thinks its more like a pudding thing) with granola. What will tomorrow be?
I haven't taken any more pictures, because, honestly, there is nothing up here that is photo worthy. :/ I'm cold because grandpa turned of the heat and he turned on this fan that blows right on the comp seat. >:( That probably sounds a bit strange to my friends back home :), but I'm in Colorado and it gets cold here. And that brings me tooooooo:
Colorado Adventures!!!!!!:
Yesterday, after I left you guys, I passed the time by editing my blogg background, and eating (sounds like me, huh?). When my Grand rents got home I help put up the groceries and then I made the peach delight thing for potluck. The only difference from then is, it didn't have granola in it. Then we went outside and taught Mark how to play Nominations (it a card game, a variation of OH Hell). After a half of a game, we helped Aunt Shirley peel and slice potatoes for potluck. Not to long after that we ran off to potluck to get a good table. The reason you have to get a good table is because each table has a number on it. They put all the numbers in a bowl and pull them out randomly. They first number called is the table that gets to go first, if that made any since? Today must have been our lucky day because (although we didn't get 1st) we got 2ND!!!! :) After stuffing ourselves up to our chins we come back to the RV and put stuff away. I grabbed my coin purse and an Arnold Palmer, then ran to Nominations. We played two games: the first one I lost 45 cents (i cant find the cent sign on the keyboard :/) to Belva. But the second game me and Charlie (another friend that lives here during the summer) tied, and split the money. We got 90 cents each :). I got back home, but Grandma and Grandpa were already asleep. I woke them up so they knew I was home and went to bed. This morning I woke up kinda late, ate breakfast, and then got all ready. Later, we are going to see Charlie St. Cloud :) ya!
Sorry, book thingamajig today because I only read 2 chapters :(. So If you haven't read at all catch up to chapter 19. Then I might read 2-5 more chapters before I do a Thingamajig :).


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