Friday, August 6, 2010

Some changes:

Colorado Adventures:
Yesterday we woke up and got ready to go to town. While waiting for Grandpa to get ready, and for time to pass, I blogged and played on the computer :). After awhile of that fun stuff we went to the movie. Dinner for Schmucks is so funny!!!! Another must see in my opinion! The only bad part of the movie, was the (about) 6 year old sitting behind us. All I have to say is that there is a reason they rated that movie PG 13. She didn't get it. At all. And she talked, practically, the whole time. Meh!
After our lunch of popcorn, we went to Albertson's and did some quicky shopping, and headed home. I painted my fingernails pink :) then we went to Charlie and Sandy's place to see if Charlie was ready to practice the song they are going to sing at Church. His voice has been going haywire so we're not quite sure if they are going to sing yet :/.
We went home and ate a snack, played some cards, and went to bed, when I finished my book.
I'm making some changes to the Book Thingamajig. 1) Ive been spelling "Thingamajig" wrong :/. 2) I'm only going to do an overview of the books when they are book reports so that it will help me with my report. 3) I am going to only do my thoughts on what happened in the part I read, when it is a pleasure reading book.

Book Thingamajig:
17-The End

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

No spoilers this time :), because I'm only going to say what I thought about it. Chosen was a super good book!! The suspense and thrill of each chapter held my nose to the book. I only save books/series' that I really like, and this series is getting a special spot on my shelf.
I though that I left my Untamed book at home and that I would have to wait till I left to be able to read it, but when I was putting away my Chosen book I saw a glimpse of Untamed and pulled it out, just to find out that I didn't forget it!!!!! I am a very happy girl!

Up Next:
Untamed (Book 4 of House of Night series)
PC Cast and Kristen Cast.

PS How do you guys like the signature...I couldn't decide on a color so I used this one just because. I really want your input on what color it should be. If I get a lot of suggestions I might make a poll on the side ---->

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