Saturday, August 14, 2010

Longest blog in the history of Phototakengirl's blogs!!!!

It has been a week since I updated you guys. And it doesn't help that I was super busy the whole time so this might as well be the longest blog I have ever written. Well, lets get started:

Colorado Adventures (Sunday to Saturday)

After I finished my last blog on Sunday evening, we sat around and talked, and headed to bed. Monday is Laundry Day!!! We went to town to do our laundry and then went to Wal-mart trying to find my yarn, but they don't have my color :(. Then we went to Albertson's so we could stock our refrigerator. On the way home we stopped at the propane place to pay a bill and then finally headed home. We came home and played some cards while working on our potluck meal. We made this Mexican sauce and a casserole that kind of went together. We went to potluck half and hour to early, so we sat around and waited. When they called table numbers we were 2nd :D. That almost never happens. Then we came home, played some more cards, and went to bed.
Tuesday, there was a craft show at Blue Spruce RV Park (its up the rode about 15 miles). Grandma and I went but didn't find anything we wanted. When we got home, we noticed that James (yet another friend) was giving some stuff away. You see, he just moved in to his place and he was cleaning it out and making it more 'him'. We didn't see anything there either, but there was some nice shelves and things. We don't have a use of room for them though. Then I got on the computer and played around. I should have written a blog then, but I thought I would do it later; Ill never say that again (hopefully). We went to see Despicable Me and it was seriously cute. I liked it, but my Grandparents just said it was a stupid, animated, kids movie. >:(. We got home and Aunt Shirley taught me how to make a scarf with that special 'eyelash' yarn. Ive been working on it on and off for the rest of the week but I still haven't finished. Then right before the Jam session, we went over to Connie and Jerry's (friends) to have a Biscuit rap. Now I don't blame you if you don't know what that is. I didn't either until Tuesday. You take a biscuit and rap it around this special stick, and stick it in the fire until it cooked.
Btw I'm sorry about the poor quality of the Biscuit rap and Jam session pictures :( I forgot to change the setting before I started taking pictures, but I still wanted to show them to you.   
Once you biscuit is done cooking, you slide it off the stick with a napkin. 
And then stuff a barbecue weenie in it.
Time to nom nom nom your biscuit!
After that we went to Jam session. If you don't know what that is: A bunch of talented musicians get together and play our favorite songs. In the beginning there was only one person because everyone was at the biscuit rap still (again I'm sorry about the poor picture quality). Then Fran and Mike came and started Jamming with Doug.

That was defiantly fun. During this Belva and Henry (my 3rd cousins) got back from Kansas. And then the night was over and we put our beds to work.

For some reason it wont let me align this to the left so I guess center works.
Wednesday, we woke up and Grandma played with the bulletins on the computer. I was super tired for some reason :( and then we ate...Those are the only notes I have for Wednesday, so I guess it wasn't that exciting. (YA it aligned right now!!) Thursday was so much fun!!!!! We went on a jeeping trip! And I took SO many pictures. There are too many pictures for a blog and it would take me over an hour to get them all on here but Im putting them on my Facebook so if you are friends with me then you can look at them there..
Friday we saw The Expendables.......honestly...dint see it. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! SOOOO BORING!!! HORRIBLY FAKE AND STUPID!! Sorry but it was very stupid. We got home and played a half of a game of Train with Belva, Shirley, Grandma, and me.
Now on Saturday I slept in until 8 o' clock and I haven't even taken a shower yet. Well today is my last day here and I go home tomorrow unfortunatly. Then Monday I go to school. :( I tell you about my last day tomorrow morning.
Lots of Love!

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