Saturday, August 7, 2010


If you aren't one of my readers: Skip this first part:
Book Thingamajig:
PC Cast and Kristen Cast
Ch 1-10

Warning: Do not read unless 1) you have already read this section of the book or 2) you have no plans of reading the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The fact that Stevie Rae is back is still kinda growing on me. I know that she was to much a part of the book to just die like she did, but its still a bit weird. As for the friends being friends again issue, I knew it. There was no way that they could have made so many more books without Zoey's friends. When the High Priestess of all High Priestesses came, I was not expecting anything like what happened. I though Neferet would put on an even faker identity that she had been, and that she would be totally respectful. The High Priestess should kick her butt! :)
We'll see what happens I guess.

Colorado Adventures!!

Yesterday morning, we all slept in. Meaning that we woke up at like 8 o' clock.....Meh! Either way, we went for a late walk on the dam after breakfast and fully waking up :). We worked on making an Elk Stew Casserole, played a couple games of cards. At 2ish we went to the card room and learned how to play Mexican Train. Another very fun game!! Although it, also, takes forever to play!! Then we came home and ate leftovers for dinner, when Aunt Shirley, Uncle Stan, Aunt Pat, and Uncle Gene came back from Farmington. After some friendly conversation I was talking about Shania (dog) and Grandma and Grandpa said that they wouldn't mind if Shania just stayed one day. I called my dad and asked him if he would mind bringing her up here when he came up. I even said that I would wash his car EVERY weekend for a month. But he said he would think about it, so I need to drop it and just let him decide. If there is only one thing that Ive learned in my life, it that when you ask something and the person says 'Ill think about it' it means shut up so I can decide and if you say more about it the answer is no! But that might just be my house. I don't know.
This morning we woke up and got ready to head to breakfast. At least once a month the park hosts a Country Breakfast, that we attended this morning. The food was super good! As we were being served we asked Sandy how Charlie was. She said that there was no way he was gunna sing in church. Therefore we needed to pick a hyme for the choir to sing instead of the Duet. Then I came home to update y'all on my Adventure :).
I hope you enjoying this as much as I am,


  1. Hm I'm just started following your blog, but I just kind of cheated and read the first part any way. First off, I LOVE the house of night novels, I think they are so fabity. And I agree on everything you just said =) And it sounds like you had a real fun time =)

  2. Haha Awsome! Im glad I have someone following me with the same taste in books :) Hahah but that is OK because you read them. Do you have any suggestions on books?


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