Thursday, August 5, 2010

An extra day!!!!

I'm very sorry that I didn't blogg about my adventure yesterday :( I was very bored and I don't like to blogg when I'm too bored because then my blogg gets boring. Any who....
We went to Wal mart and returned some things, and then got some candy for the movie :). Then we went to the Theater and saw Charlie St Cloud. It was very very good, but it is defiantly a chick flick :) The weird thing about that theater is: instead of showing previews before the movie, they play music...its a bit annoying. After that we came home and ate some soup. Yum Yum. The popcorn wasn't a good enough lunch for me. Then we went outside and played a game called Phase 10 (google it. You have to have special cards though :( But it is super fun!!). That game takes forever to finish!!!! Grandma won in the end and we all went to bed.
The next day, we got up early to walk across the dam. Belva and Henry left the day before so it was just Grandma, Grandpa, and I (correct grammar :)). We came home, got ready, and fixed the chili so that it could cook till lunch. I worked on my crocheting while Grandma worked on the church bulletin. We went outside and had the chili and the last couple of pieces of pie. Next, for dinner, we had Aunt Pats spaghetti :).
I got home and called Momma and Daddy and asked if I could stay one more day, because the day that I was supposed to leave, is Ice Cream Social day, and Grandpa is making his famous butter pecan ice cream :D. Daddy said that, all along, the plan was: He come up here on Saturday and leave Sunday. So I get an extra day!!!!!!

I still don't have enough chapters read to do a Book Thingamajig. So catch up to chapter 21 and Ill do it tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you had a real fun day =) Good for you <3 And mmm home made ice cream...what can be better then that? =)

  2. Ya. Here in Colorado their is always more fun to be had :). Agreed! I cant wait for the ice cream!!


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