Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today my friend is SHMUEL!!!!!!! <3<3<3 less than three!!!! She didnt want her name put on the internet so she called me to call her shmuel, haha, its kindoff an inside joke, and, well you are on the outside. Haha jus kidding I <3 you. But it would take a long time to explain. Anyways, Shmuel (hehe) is sooo suportive of me; if Im feeling discouraged about school work or 4H she is always there for me. She lets me talk to her about my crap and she doesnt judge me. I also want her to know she can always do that with me too. If I am in a bad mood or something happened that Im sad about, she knows before I even say ANYTHING!!! She can read me like no other person! Me and her always hang out during lunch on the field and talk about last night and about what the people said that we ALWAYS text haha. She listens to me complain and me babble on about who I like (even though she thinks I shouldnt like him). I LOVE YOU SHMUEL!!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!

This was just a quicky to tell you about Shmuel. Next I will talk about my friend Tiffany!!!! <3 She also has a blog I will link to in my next blog.
<3 Ya,

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  1. Hey beautiful!!!
    Its you-know-who. (Daria.)
    Love your blogs.
    AND I LOVE YOU!!!!
    Haha, anyways.....
    OH!! You should make me your "friend of the day" or whatever it is that you are doing ;)
    Haha jk, you dont have to if you dont want to.
    BUT PLEASE DO!!!!!!!
    Haha, sorry i just had some coffee
    LOVE U!!



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