Saturday, May 1, 2010

The joys of a new puppy!!!

Now if you follow my dads blog you would know that we got a new puppy!!!!! Her name is Shania, she is a border collie/australian shepard mix and will be 13 weeks old tommorrow! She is absolutely adorable!!!! <3. But with a new puppy comes many MANY new responsibilities (one of the reasons the blogging has been poseponed). I have promised my mom that this animal, along with my guinea pig, will not become her responsibily, and I am not going to let that promise go!! That is why throughout this blog I have gotten up every 7 minutes (at least) and gone to see what trouble she is getting into now.

Now I dont have the time to talk about my friend, because I don't want to rush through that. So I will talk about her in my next blog when I have more time.

Now I must go see what my pup is getting into now!
<3 Krystal

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