Sunday, May 30, 2010

I CAN HAZ SUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That time of the year has come!!!! IT'S SUMMA TIME BABY!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this allll year :)! Finals went pretty well for me; suprisingly they were super easy!!! I was very afraid that I would fail, but they went well. :D
I have been away from the computer for the longest time sooooo today I am going to do 2 friends. (Broadwaybaby this means you :D)

I have a friend that also does bloggs on blogger and her username is 'BroadwayBaby'. She has been my friend since 6th grade but this past year we have really conncected. She was in my room for the DC trip (I still need to put those pics on FB :/). We have (FO SHO) the most inside jokes from that trip (and with tiffany and the other girl :) ). Hahaha *arm around head* HI MISS BISHOP :D, That hill was RIDIC Daria: WHAT!?!?!?! Me: NOOOOO thats not what I said!!!!!!, Imma B. E. A. R.!!!! :D, Ready ready watch this...Well now I feel stupid!!!! :( hahaha. That prolly isnt as fun to read for you guys as it is for us too :).

My next friend is the other girl (not Tiff I already talked about her :) <3) that was in our DC room :). Imma call her (((((she hasnt responded to my text and picked her name :( )))))!! :) But thats not were all of our inside jokes come from :(. We both have....NO HAAADDDDDDDDDD :)))) Spanish class together and I sat behind her :) *Mr britian has the 'whipped cream' sign* Mr B: are you thinking what Im thinking Us: Weeee hope not!!!! AAAAHHHHH :), *im doing sign language* Igriaga!!!!!!! (sp??) Her: *does wrong sign* IGRIAGA!!!! haha nooooo :), We dont remember how this inside joke came along but we say buttafly in a jamacan accent :)). This girl is amazing!!!!! She was the first friend I made in 6th grade and ever since then we have grown closer, and 8th grade has been a blast because of her.
Imma miss these girls and the girls that I have discribed and that I will describe to ya'll. I love you all :D!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awwwh good times, goooood times. I love all our inside jokes SO MUCH!!!
    But mostly, I love the other person who creatd them with me (that would be you)
    Im gonna miss you!
    But you+me+this summer= AWESOME.
    We needs get 2gether <3 <3 <3

  2. I totally agree Txt me!!!! Lemme know when you get back from JAPAN :)) and we will get together!!!


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