Saturday, January 30, 2010


Okay so I know I haven't blogged in forevs and I'm missing it!!! So I had some free time right now soooo I'm getting to it...
Part of the reason I haven't blogged is because I was in DC/New York for a week with my school!!! Yay! I had the most fun evar!!!
Anyways... This week has been normal I went to school and it was Grandparent's Day on Wednesday so my wonderful grandparents came and spent the morning at my school! That was pretty nice cuz then they get to see what my school is like.
Friday was a half day and I rode the school bus to my bus stop and my grandparents picked me up. We went shopping at Kohls and I got a swimsuit 2 pairs of skinnies, and a new shirt! Yay!
Yesterday me and my fam went to the Gem show! I got a pair of earings for me and some "loose neck" wood turtles for my friends!
Today I went to a movie with some friends and then went to Walmart and the pet store! YAY! Fun times! Tommorow I have to return to school! GROSS! Not looking foward to that. Now i've got to go, so have a nice life and I will talk to YOU soon!!!!!
Love yall


  1. Heyy!!

    It's me! (I'm under a fake name :))

    Maybe this will make you know who I am?

    "Ima be ima be ima B-E-A-R!" :)

    Just thought I'd say hi <3

    Quote Tiffany end-quote

  2. OMG is this...well I don't want to give your identity this the person I pionted a gun to during the dc trip and I ended up sleepin with L...?

  3. a fake gun mind any of you who is like omg murder!!...I wouldnt hurt her!!!


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