Sunday, January 3, 2010

BLAAAARRRGGG!!! (supposed to be posted Mon.

Hola Friends!!!
I am finishing my caramel delight ice cream tonight!! It is yummay!!! AND IT’S ALMOST GONE AHHHH!!!!
I found out today that my father got a blog!!! YAY!!!! You should all check it out!!! It is and if you cannot find it then just look at the people I am following!!! His blog is called...get ready for this!!!! "The ramblings of a Fuzzy bear" HEhehe Is that not cool...a lot more creative than mine idea...eweee (BTW yes I meant to write mine cuz people say that sometimes in England...OH YEA)
You might be wondering:
1) Why I named this post "BLAAAARRRGGG!!!" Well it's because I have been watching meekakitty's videos on YouTube ( and let me tell you she AMAZING!!! I <3>
And 2) Why I'm not talking about my day/week yet?? Ummm Idk so lets start now!

My day went by really quickly! I woke up at like...Idk when but then I was just messing around in my room and I started looking on YouTube for new videos and I watched some of meekakitty's even though I have seen them all and I watched some really random videos and I saw one of this really wierd have to see this: Just go on YouTube and search Bad Romance and pick the one with a asian guy...tell me what you think!!

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