Saturday, January 2, 2010

Intoduction!!! :D

O hai!!!! well I used to have a blog then I forgot how to get into it so I am starting a new one.
but this one will be a little different, I will update you as often as I can (I am hoping to get a sceduale...i cant spell worth crap lol) and I will tell you about my day!!
So let me tell you a little about myself!!
I ride horses and I enjoy the internet!!! Im always on facebook or youtube or blogger!!! my horses are practically my life outside of school. I am a participant of 4h. That was sort of like a 1st graders' sentence...ex. I enjoy life. I have fun. Why am I even doing im lame!!! annnnnnnyways Ya thats my life...

weeeeeeeellllll Im very tired because it is 235!!!!!! I think i should get some sleep and i will tell you more about my current life events tommorrow...or maybe the next day cuz i will be busy... and to think of it...oh nevermind ill get to it sometime!!!


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