Saturday, December 25, 2010

Repeat......Its different I swear :)

To be honest I was never much of a sucker for popular people.
Yes I am doing another blog on popularity. But Its different. I swear.
You have 3 types of people in this world.
The popular people:

The wannabies:

(joke :P)
And the people who could just care less:

Now I would call myself one of the people who doesnt care, but I wouldnt call myself a particular loser... depending on what your definition of loser is.
If you say:
A person with good grades is a loser?
Me=Yes, I have good grades.
A person who doesnt have any friends?
Me=No, I have a good handful of friends.
(some of the descriptions were given by the good people of the internet)
Someone who is socially, morally AND financially bankrupt?
Me=Not really, I have friends, I have morals, and I have enough money to live.
A person with no confidence?
Me=No, I have confidence.

So the consensus is (in my mind) That I am not a loser, in the bad sence of the word, yet I just dont care if I am popular.
At my school it is a little hard to tell exactly who the popular people are. Their are 3 main groups:
A's "group": It has alot of people in this group and it may be considered "the popular group".
Our "group": The smaller group consists of my friends and isnt the really popular group, but almost.
The "loners": The kids who dont have friends and keep to themselves. I personally think they should all meet and create thier own group :)
Any who that is my status on the popular scale
10= Most popular
5= Wannabie
1= Loner/Dont care

I am a 3:)
Talk to you guys later (See I spelled it out :))

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