Monday, January 17, 2011

Tucson Tragedy

I realize I am a little late on this, but the only reason I have not yet addressed this topic is because it is so hard for me even think about it. Let alone write a blog.

 But now I would like to recognized the people who died here in Tucson on January 8th.

Christina Green 9 years old

She was born on September 11, 2001. Another tragic day in the United States, when the World Trade Center went down. She was a part of student government at her school and volenteered at children's charities. She was the only girl on her Little League baseball team. She loved gymnastics, swimming, and dancing.

This young girls death has touched so many people just because of her age, but also because of her back story. She was a very intelligent young lady and she could have gone far!

Dorothy Morris 76 years old

Ms Morris was a republican all the way, but she only wanted to know what Giffords had to say. Both her and her husband were shot that day. They used to travel around extensively and visit all places imaginable. While Mr Morris live on, his wife is now singing with the angels.

Judge John M. Roll 63 years old

He was appionted by George W Bush in 1991 and has been chief judge since 2006. He was also and father and grandfather.

Phyllis Schneck 79 years old

She went to the meeting to see Giffords that day because she shared many of the same views as Giffords. She was a great grandmother and a member of the local Presbiterian church. when she was widowed Ms Schneck would volenteer at the church and sew New York Giants and Jets aprons to be sold at fundraisers.

Dorwin Stoddard 76 years old

He was a retired construction worker and an active church worker. When gunshots were fired he instinctivly jumped on his wife to save her from being shot. He gave his life for her.

Gabrielle Zimmerman 30 years old

Mr Zimmerman was the outreach director for Giffords. He was engaged to be married. He liked sushi and the outdoors. He worked long nights and weekends on the problems that reached the Congresswomens doorstep.

To read read a little more from my source:

On January 13, Obama came to Tucson, Arizona and gave a speech at the memorial for these who died. His speech was definately one of his best. If you wish to see his speech:
I really suggest you watch this if you havent yet.

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