Monday, May 16, 2011

Book List:

My Mom read my last post "Mother's Day" and wanted to correct me. She says that she is easy to shop for: just buy her a book! She does love books and Im not sure why I didnt think of that, but now I have a list.

Keri Arthur
       Full Moon Rising
       Kissing Sin
       Tempting Evil
       Dangerous Games
       Embraced by Darkness
       The Darkest Kiss
       Deadly Desire
       Bound by Shadows
       Moon Sworn
       Destiny Kills
       Mercy Burns
       Moon Dance

Anna Windsor
       Bound by Flame
       Captive Heart
       Captive Soul
       Captive Spirit

Kelley Armstrong
       Dime Store Magic
       Industrial Magic
       No Humans Involved
       Personal Demon
       Living with the Dead

Most of these books I have never heard of. But I know if I buy them for my mom and she says they are good, then I will end up reading them :)
That is one thing that me and my mom have in common. We both love to read. Most of the books that I like, she likes, and vice versa

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