Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meh...Shmuel's house...Grasshopper.

I'm bored :/

Well I hate writing when I'm bored because that normally means a boring blogg...whats even worse is when a person does a blogg and they are bored. That must be the worst. But, dadd came home early today because he wasnt feeling so hot...funnay thing was, that I was ick not too much earlier and he texted me telling me that he didnt feel well and I told him he should eat something cuz that made me better. So now we are both sitting here. He is watching NCIS and I am listening to Take a Bow by Muse (pand) while writing my blogg.

How do you guys like the diff colors?? My friend Serena always uses diff colors and fonts and text sizes. So I figured I would try it out with yall. Speaking of friends: I am going over to Shmuels house :) (see Blogg: SHMUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for discription) She is def one of my bestest friends and I left somestuff at her house last time I was there...Also speaking of friends I discribed one of my friends but I forgot what I called her :/ anyways we have this inside joke were I am named Lizard :) and she is Grasshopper :) really dont ask because it is a very...very...very...very...VERY...long and confusing and complicated andinteresting story :)) haha so anyways the very small pretty blond amazing understanding curly haired friend...thats now Grasshopper :).

So, yesterday I went to the mall with my mom. We went into Macy's and got me some makeup that I was running out of: foundation. Then my mom spotted the new deal which consisted of a bag (her fave) A compact type thing, moisturizer, lip gloss, age stuff. Well we got it :) My mom gets the bag and the age stuff (Cuz I have no need for age preventing stuff:)). That was nice, and I liked the girl there haha she was pretty down to earth and related to me, while trying to sell me stuff haha but watev.

Yaaaaaaaaaa. So that is my life :/ I think I am going to redo my page and then pack :) ttyl
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