Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am mental!!! It took me 5 times to get into my blogger account and twice to get onto my faceook...I am scared to trymy Twitter ://

Mamama telephone cuz Im out in the club sippin that bud and ur not gunna reech my telephone (pand)
Pandora is playing a ton of Lady Gaga :)) yay <3 My song is now Starstukk by Lady Gaga. Im so starstukk, baby could you blow my heart up :)) I am tho :( Why cant I just get over guys all together!! They are no good!!!! UGH! And when I decide I like a guy I cant keep it to myself for even a second!!!! And guess what...Im texting him right now :)(    ( That face means Im confused) Ugh!!! Imma freak!

Okey so yesterday I wasnt bored so I didn't do a blog :) yet :( Becaaaaaauuse I went to my friends house :) We had a ton of fun! Jumping on the trampoline and swimming, playing 2 seconds of truth or dare :) and sleeping on the trampoline till 4 then getting to cold and sleeping inside. Next day: More jumping, more swimming and then the mall :) then her tumbling class, then home :( It was a blast !!!

Pandora is playing alot of really upbeat songs...Let it Rock, Yeah!, and then their is a retarded commercial!!!! EWWY

You know what is good: POPSICLES!!!!!! (It tood me 4 tries to see how that was spelled and I still think it is wrong :( ) I just had a grape one :)) My dadd said that those ones were good buuuuut I think the taste like those grape benedrils (sp??) ewwy But they have wierd yet good after taste :/ eh! watevs...what is your favorite food?? Idek right know :/ I like pasta tho :)) and mac and cheese :) Im such a kid haha :D  FACE!!!!!!!! My friend just told me that when he was walking around the mall today that there was this group of girls walking around yelling 'FACE!!!!!!!!' randomly and that it reminded him of me :)) That was kinda random but I wanted to tell yall.

Lots of people think its wierd that I say yall because Im not from Texas of anything like that, but I just think it is just easier to say than: you all or you guys...Also I need to use more .  And I know I use them alot to say like ..... but I mean to end my sentences because I was just reading over this and I is like a huge RUNNNNONNNNN!!! haha :))               . (I remebered haha)

Also if yall (there I go again) dont understand one of the things I say like: Omg (which is o my gosh), Idek (which is I dont even know) or something like that just say it in the comments and I will comment and tell you what it means :) hahaha <3
I got to go (gtg) so my dadd can figure out how to send this to a friend of mine
Happy sailing my little sailors :)) (I like it)

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