Tuesday, June 1, 2010



I am extremely bored :)) so I figured I would do a blogg just of what I hear on pandora :)).

Feels like the croud is sayin gimme gimme more gimme more!!!! The center of attention, if your on a mission you got my permission.

It seems like everytime I write a blogg (which is also everytime I listen to pandora) I here the song Evacuate the dancefloor :)) I love the song buuuut I get kinda sick of it if Im gunna hear it everyday!!!!

In relation to the title :)) (cuz I know you are always wondering what made me put that) I was listening to Gimme More by Britney Spears and in the beginning it says "Its Britney Chick" and since Im relating this hole thing to Pandora then I just change the "Britney" to "Pandora" :))

KRQ needs to do something more with there music. They are always playing the same songs over and over again and it get kinda annoying!!! UGH but anyways, I was listening to them the other day and they played "I like it Rough by Lady Gaga and after that song I turned it of because I had to clean my room or something so later I turned it back on and guess what was play!..... None other than: I like it Rough by Lady Gaga UGH Of course I turned it of because I just listened to that song!!! Or I hate it when I listen to my ipod and then I turn on the radio ad they, O so conviniently, are playing the song I just listened to on my ipod. Pandora never does that. And if, one time in a million, they do play the same song I can just skip it.
I complain alot :((

I havent heard this song in forevs: I do not hook up by Kelly Clarkson....OOO NNOOO I do not hook up!!!!!!!! hahahaha

Ok yesterdays blogg was super long but I think after typing that whole thing I got more use to these nail because I was typing sooooo much!!! Hahaha! O sweetheart put the bottle down because you dont wanna miss out....Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!! haha to completly different songs :/ OKEY!!! Whatchout!!! Wow imma freak

How are you guys gunna tell between me writing lyrics and me talking to you. For all you know these are just the lyrics to a song..... that what Imma do! Imma write a song that is exactly like this and then play it in your houses and then you will all be like 'Dear Lord!!!! Im scared of this girl now!!'.......no actually I have no way to play it in your houses sooooo Ill just write a song :)) And you guys dont say the Lords name in vain :/

Okey I think I am going to go back to the top of this and write a warning: ^^^^

My dadd is sleeping.... Do you guys know why I write Dadd instead of Dad?!? Weeeeeeell it is because Dadd stands for dadds against daughters dating :)) and My dadd is apparently a part of that 'club' :)
She so dangerous, that girl is so dangerous!!!!
[This whole thing is PAND!!!!!]
Well I think this is a good sized blogg for today soooo imma ttyl
Happy Sailing My Little Sailors!!!!!
Krystal :))

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