Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Star Wont Go Out!

I have to admit. I am a nerdfighter! If you dont know what that is: You must go check out The Vlogbrothers! (Click on the link). They are amazing. If your a nerd. Specifically got to How To Be A Nerdfighter. This Video Blog explains what a nerdfighter is and how to be one. :)
A little awhile ago a fellow nerdfighter named Esther Earl contracted cancer. After passing away the Earl Family created The This Star Wont Go Out foundation! For more informations you can go Here. And I also copied the mission statement below:

The purpose of This Star Won't Go Out foundation is to financially assist families struggling through the journey of a child living with cancer. Caring for a seriously ill child creates tremendous stress for the family system, and having to worry about money is both burdensome and distracting. TSWGO's goal is to carry a bit of that burden for hurting families through financial gifts.

TSWGO has a second goal, and it's tied to why the foundation got started in the first place. TSWGO was established in memory of 16-year old Esther Earl, an avid Nerdfighter and passionate Harry Potter Alliance fan. Her online friends and causes met many of the social and emotional needs in her life, hampered as she was by her progressing thyroid cancer. Yet Esther (Persian for "Star") lived life fully, getting involved in social justice issues, loving her friends, her family and cats, and always remembering to be awesome. With the goal of never letting her Star go out, TSWGO will also be funding occasional projects that fit Esther's quirky, compassionate life vision.

To raise the money for the finacial gifts they sell bracelets that say This Star Wont Go Out. To get your own bracelet go here.

There were alot of links in this video and I hope that you could keep up. Im going to be adding a widget that has the mission statement and where you can get your bracelet. :)
Dont Forget To Be Awsome, :)

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